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Creighton Medical Laboratories Accredited

Creighton Medical Laboratories Accredited

Creighton Medical Laboratories, based on the Creighton University campus, has been awarded a two-year accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

During the required accreditation process, inspectors examined Creighton Medical Laboratories’ (CML) records, quality control of procedures, staff qualifications, facilities and equipment, safety program/records, and overall management of the laboratories.

This was CAP’s first full inspection of the laboratories, since CML held its grand opening at the University in January 2009.

“The accreditation process was very stringent and designed to ensure that CML provides the highest standard of services for all of our clients,” said Marjel Whitmore, director of operations. She noted that the laboratories handle more than 1 million patient tests annually.

Creighton Medical Laboratories has more than 6,500 square feet of space and recently underwent a $4.5 million renovation. The facility houses anatomic pathology, cytology, clinical pathology core, flow cytometry, molecular and clinical genomics, toxicology, tuberculosis/fungus and microbiology laboratories. The Creighton Department of Pathology oversees the laboratories, which employ 90 medical technicians and others.

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