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Red Mass Celebrates New Court Term

Red Mass Celebrates New Court Term

The Red Mass, an 800-year-old tradition, will be celebrated at Creighton University at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 6, in St. Johnís Church on the University campus.

Omaha Archbishop George J. Lucas will preside and homilize, with members of the Jesuit community concelebrating.
 Members of the legal profession are invited along with faculty, staff and students of the law school, to celebrate God's presence and action in the world, and to invoke the aid of the Holy Spirit in their work with the community. 

The name of the Mass is derived from the red vestments worn by the priests to signify the fire of the Holy Spirit, and by the scarlet robes worn in times past by judges and doctors of law. 

 The Mass originated in the early 13th century as a service conducted exclusively for the bench and bar, in which God was called upon to help lawyers and judges adhere to truth and justice. 

People of all faiths are welcome to attend the Mass. A reception will follow in the Schneider Commons at the School of Law. If attending the reception, please RSVP to (402) 280-3079.

Creighton University is a Jesuit, Catholic university bridging health, law, business and the arts and sciences for a more just world.