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Creighton Medical Students Selected for Summer Research Program

Creighton Medical Students Selected for Summer Research Program

The Creighton University Committee on Student Research and Scholarly Activity has selected 12, first-year medical students to participate in the 2010 School of Medicine Summer Research Program. The students will receive $3,000 stipends and work closely with faculty mentors that they hand-selected for 10 to 12 weeks this summer.

“It can be a very formative experience for students who have not previously had such exposure or applied the scientific method in a way that excites their personal interests and curiosity,” said Garrett Soukup, Ph.D., committee chair. “Whether or not students go on to become clinician researchers, they gain hands-on appreciation for how biomedical research impacts the future of medicine, which will always be relevant in their career.”

The first-year students apply for the program at the beginning of spring semester by submitting research proposals and identifying faculty members to serve as their mentors. The proposals are then evaluated and ranked by the committee, which includes Creighton School of Medicine faculty and second-, third- and fourth-year medical students.

Over the past five years, 77 percent of program applicants have received funding for their research proposals. Of those, 40 percent have gone on to win awards at the annual American Medical Association’s Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum.

Students selected to participate in the 2010 summer research program are:

Ryan Miller of Clackamus, Ore., mentored by Ming Chen, M.D.
Zach Pena of San Luis Obispo, Calif. mentored by Laura Hansen, Ph.D.
Leonid Grossman of St. Louis, mentored by Sandor Lovas, Ph.D.
Fahad Khan of Los Angeles, mentored by Thomas Murray, Ph.D.
India Robinson of Dekalb, Ga., mentored by Kevin Happe, Ph.D.
Ronald Tan of Los Angeles, mentored by Devendra Agrawal, Ph.D.
Michael Pham of Multnomah, Ore., mentored by Devendra Agrawal, Ph.D.
Thomas Hendricks of Sedgwick, Kan., mentored by Kristen Drescher, Ph.D.
Damian Baalmann of Sedgwick, Kan. mentored by Shashank Dravid, Ph.D.
Tony Pesavento of Omaha. mentored by Peter Silberstein, M.D.
Gretchen Wenner of Stearns, Minn., mentored by Henry Lynch, M.D.
Kelly DeMeyere-Coursey of Asotin, Wis., mentored by Robert Townley, M.D.

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