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Baghdad University Dental Faculty Meet with Creighton‘s Dental School Team

Baghdad University Dental Faculty Meet with Creighton‘s Dental School Team

A delegation from the Baghdad University School of Dentistry, hosted by The Karadah Project and the Council Bluffs Sister City Committee, is visiting Creighton University School of Dentistry June 21-June 26. The visit continues discussions begun in April 2009 regarding plans and ideas for developing a working relationship between the two schools.

Visiting is Ali Hussain Alkhafaji, D.D.S., dean of the Baghdad University School of Dentistry, and Hussain F. Al-Huwaizi, D.D.S., assistant dean and professor of endodontics. The historic visit is a pivotal step in developing a positive and long-term mentoring and partnering relationship with the Baghdad University School of Dentistry. The delegation will participate in discussions with Creighton faculty, attend lectures, visit Creighton’s dental clinic, learn about current research, and more.


After two tours in Iraq as an Army Reserve Civil Affairs officer, Lt. Col. Rick Burns concluded that what is needed most in Iraq is not more money, but stronger mentoring and partnering relationships. Building on the Sister Cities International Friendship Partnership, he helped establish this project between the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the Karadah District Council. He also began seeking out metro area organizations and individuals interested in developing lasting partnering and mentoring relationships.

The Karadah Project aims to facilitate the transfer of ideas and the expansion of relationships between organizations and individuals in developed countries with like organizations and individuals in developing countries through video conferencing, delegation visits, student and faculty exchanges, and other means.

“Success in Iraq depends on relationships through which ideas can be exchanged. There is a tremendous hunger for new ideas and ways of doing things after decades of isolation. Through small efforts, great things can happen,” said Burns.

Pictured here: The Dean of Bagdad University’s School of Dentistry, Ali Hussain Alkhafaji, D. D. S., looks on as Creighton dental students work on patients at Creighton’s dental clinic.

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