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Creighton Students to Focus on Patient Safety during Oct. 29 Event

Creighton Students to Focus on Patient Safety during Oct. 29 Event

Nearly 200 Creighton students will come together Friday, Oct. 29, for an intensive, highly interactive day-long session on patient safety.

Fremont audiologist Evelyn McKnight., co-author of “A Never Event: Exposing the Largest Outbreak of Hepatitis C in American Healthcare History,” will deliver the keynote address. Her book explores a 2000-2001outbreak in Fremont, Neb., where 99 cancer patients, including McKnight, contracted hepatitis C after an oncologist directed nurses to reuse syringes.

“Patient safety seems like it should be a simple thing, but it’s not at all,” said Cindy Costanzo, Ph.D., Creighton assistant professor of nursing and co-organizer of Interdisciplinary Patient Safety Day. She said the event will provide students with a concentrated curriculum that introduces them to safety theory in a health care setting.

“We want to challenge our future health care professionals to think in new ways about patient safety. They need to understand that no one nurse, physician or pharmacist can guarantee a patient’s safety; it takes a team of health professionals working together,” Costanzo said.

Students will include those studying in the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, health administration and policy, social work and law.

About 30 Creighton faculty and community leaders, including Joann Schaeffer, M.D., Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer, and Dennis Berens, director of the Nebraska Office of Rural Health, will participate.

A similar event will be held in spring 2011. Creighton’s Center for Health Services Research and Patient Safety is hosting both events.

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