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Nebraska Solar Tour Includes Creighton

Nebraska Solar Tour Includes Creighton

The Nebraska Solar Energy Society will host a solar tour of the state on Saturday, Oct. 2., just as a similar tour gets underway nationwide, sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society. Creighton University will be part of the Omaha tour and will include a talk and a viewing of solar array panels.

The Omaha portion of the tour, offered by bus, is set for 1 to 4 p.m., starting at the new Mammal Hall, University of Nebraska at Omaha, south campus, 6708 Pine Street.

Omaha tour sites include two homes with solar energy design features and a new installation of solar array panels at Creighton University.

Creighton’s is the largest solar array in Nebraska and, locally, a joint enterprise between Creighton and the Omaha Public Power District.

But the heaviest investor is the U.S. Department of Energy, with a $1.4 million stimulus package grant going to Creighton for green technology – and an additional $1.2 million grant funding something more: a new pair of energy technology programs. Rep. Lee Terry and Sen. Ben Nelson had requested the D.O.E. funding.

A special talk will be given by Michael Cherney, Ph.D., Creighton professor of physics and interim director of the two new Energy Technology Programs set to open at Creighton next fall.

The Creighton talk is scheduled at the Hixson-Lied Science Building, room 59-G, main level.

The bus and tour are free and open to the public, with approximate tour times listed on the NSES website at:

The tour allows the public to see energy efficient building designs and energy generation firsthand, and to meet owners to ask questions about their homes, see Creighton’s renewable energy installations and learn more about the new energy technology programs.

More information on the tour is available at, and on the national ASES website, You may also call Rita Corell for more information: 402-551-5275.

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