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Creighton Partnership with Cristo Rey Network Continues

Creighton University has been a National University Partner with the Cristo Rey Network since 2009. As such, Creighton is committed to supporting Cristo Rey students through scholarships, jobs and pre-college programs. This year, the network welcomed six new partner institutions.

As part of the program, Creighton works with St. Peter Claver Cristo Rey Catholic High School in Omaha, one of 24 Cristo Rey high schools. Students who attend St. Peter Claver participate in a work-study program to help fund their educations. Students work one day a week at various corporations in Omaha to fund 75 percent of their tuition and gain job experience that enhances college applications. Creighton has four students working on campus.

Creighton’s partnership with St. Peter Claver goes beyond just providing jobs. Students who are employed at Creighton are presented with unique opportunities such as eating lunch with faculty members and Jesuits, touring campus, shadowing students and faculty, attending campus events and speaking with admissions counselors. These opportunities not only provide students with a more dynamic work experience, but they emphasize college education and encourage students to pursue a post-secondary degree following high school.

Wayne Young Jr., Ph D., associate vice president for Student Learning, coordinates Creighton’s partnership with St. Peter Claver. One of Young’s goals in the program is to show students the importance of a Catholic college education.

“We not only employ students from St. Peter Claver High School, we also give them a taste of the college experience through the various activities that our Office of Student Success coordinates,” Young said. “It is important not only to show students the benefits of a Catholic, postsecondary education, but to reinforce that attending and succeeding in college is important and can change their lives.”

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