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University Celebrates St. Albert's Day

Creighton University hosted its annual St. Albert's Day/University Research Day celebration on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 in the Harper Center ballroom.

More than 90 scholastic presentations were presented by faculty, graduate, undergraduate and professional students who showcased their research under a number of categories including basic sciences, clinical sciences and arts and sciences/humanities.

St. Albert's Day is celebrated in honor of St. Albert Magnus, known as Albert the Great, who was a scientist, philosopher and theologian, and served as a mentor to St. Thomas Aquinas. During his lifetime, he composed a veritable encyclopedia which contained scientific treatises on almost every subject. His life and writings emphasized the importance of experiment and investigation.

This year's winners are:
Basic Sciences Category
Best Poster (Graduate) Gaurav Gupta (Biomedical Sciences)
Best Poster (Undergraduate) Nicholas Stukel and Laura Anderson (Chemistry)

Arts and Sciences/Humanities Category
Best Poster (Undergraduate) Merijke Coenraad (Education/Spanish)
Best Poster (Graduate) Kathleen McGlynn (International Relations)

Clinical Sciences Category
Best Poster (Undergraduate) Megan Konor (Exercise Science)
Best Poster (Graduate) Taylor Wilkinson (Oral Biology)
Best Poster (Professional) Katy Carl (Pharmacy)

Best Oral Presentation (Two-Way Tie)
Rachel Bouzis (English) Alan Buttars and Taylor Baumann (Psychology)

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