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Creighton Graduates Find Employment; Seek Professional/Graduate Degrees

More than 93.5 percent of 2011 Creighton University graduates are employed, volunteering or furthering their education, according to an annual study conducted by the University’s Career Center. The research is completed nine months after graduation. The national average reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is at about 84 percent. The University also boasts more available internships than what it has students to fill them.

“Placement success rates for all Creighton undergraduate schools and colleges increased over last year, a clear indication that the market for college graduates is getting much healthier,” said Jim Bretl, director of Creighton’s John P. Fahey Career Center.

The response rate to the Creighton survey is even more impressive at 76.2 percent compared to a national response rate for other higher education institutions of less than 50 percent.

“A higher response rate on our outcomes survey translates to better data,” Bretl added.

According to the Creighton survey, the average starting salary for all graduates from all undergraduate schools and colleges remains stable with the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business enjoying slightly higher starting salaries.

The academic quality of 2011 Creighton University undergraduates is also reflected in the high rate of acceptance into graduate and professional programs. In the College of Arts and Sciences it is nearly 60 percent when you include graduates who pursue advanced study one year after completion of their graduate degrees.

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