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University Signs Cooperative Agreement with European Jesuit University

On Friday, Aug. 2, Creighton University signed a cooperative agreement with Namur University, a Jesuit university in Namur, Belgium. It is one of the few remaining Jesuit universities in Europe and is similar in size and scope to Creighton, with schools and colleges in arts, sciences, informatics, law, business, and medicine. Namur is one of only 10 Jesuit universities worldwide with a medical school.

The agreement provides opportunities for Creighton students to study in Namur and for Namur students to study at Creighton. Courses will be jointly taught by both institutions faculty members and attended by a mixed group of students as well as providing faculty cooperation and exchanges.

Creighton already has cooperative agreements with two foreign Jesuit universities: Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. But until now there was no formal cooperative agreement with a Jesuit university in Europe.

Representatives from Namur were at Creighton for the "On Fire at the Frontiers," a national conference on the Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education, Aug. 1-4. The aim of the conference, sponsored by the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU), was to establish a fuller and more humane conversation among all people

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