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Dobleman Gift Establishes Exam Room at Creighton School of Dentistry

The newly established Dobleman Head and Neck Cancer Institute exam room at Creighton University School of Dentistry will offer dental and medical students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of head and neck cancer detection. The room is possible thanks to a generous gift from the Dobleman Institute. Thomas Dobleman, M.D., and Mary Cimino Dobleman, M.S.N., directors of the Dobleman Head and Neck Cancer Institute, envision the gift moving the School of Dentistry one step closer to being known for its careful screening for head and neck cancers.

"More than 80,000 Americans each year are diagnosed with head and neck cancer but only 30 percent of dentists know how to properly screen for them," said Tom Dobleman. "The School of Dentistry is committed to making sure that 100 percent of its graduates know how to screen for cancers of the head and neck."

Dr. Dobleman will use the exam room throughout the academic year to offer medical and dental students a hands-on experience providing head and neck cancer screenings. He will also work with the students to ensure they appropriately read films.

Since 2001, the Dobleman Institute has partnered with the Creighton University School of Medicine to uncover and test scientific innovations for head and neck cancer patients and their families. The institute builds awareness in the community and organizes free screenings for symptoms such as a lump or a sore in the throat, neck, lip, jaw or tongue that does not heal or go away. The Institute also provides emotional and tactical support for cancer survivors.

Dr. Dobleman is a frequent guest lecturer in Creighton's health sciences schools. In addition to helping medical and dental students learn how to recognize these cancers, the Doblemans have also trained dental hygienists in Nebraska and Iowa.

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