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Second Annual “Argy Bargy” Showcases Student Developed Apps

Tired of the same old Ramen noodles but don’t know what else to cook with what is in your kitchen? Well there is an app for that thanks to students in a business application development course at the Heider College of Business at Creighton University.

The students showcased that app along with 10 others during the second annual “Argy Bargy” contest from 1-4:30 p.m., Thursday Dec. 5 in the Harper Auditorium.

Students worked in pairs for the contest, called an “Argy-Bargy,” which is the English term for a “spirited discussion,” says Cynthia Corritore, Ph.D., professor of business intelligence and analytics. “The course is very much a hands-on class and the contest is a culmination of everything they have learned.”

All of the apps will be demonstrated on mobile phones (Android, iPhone). The class used a cloud-based software system (IDE) called ApplicationCraft (AC) to create the apps, that then can be run on either iPhones, Android, iPads, etc. AC is a cutting-edge product out of the UK.

The apps that were presented on Friday:

App to help out college students who apparently can't decide what to cook with the ingredients they have in their kitchen. You pick the items you have, the app then shows you recipes you could make with those items. It also includes a rating system for the recipes.

App that is like Craig's List but just for students on one campus (pilot is CU). You can list items in categories such as books, furniture, etc. If you want to buy, it lets you text the seller to arrange to meet them and buy it on campus. Only CU students can use it (you have to log in with your CU login).

App that helps to prevent stupid communication (voice or text) when you have had too much to drink. It requires the user to answer a series of questions in a short timeframe or else won't let them use voice or text. Has an emergency, taxi, and friend button for calling those if needed.

App that helps CU students find empty parking spots in the CU student lots.

App that helps CU students find and rate/comment on bathrooms around campus. Also has water running sound if you are having trouble going.

App that tells you your GPA for the semester after you enter your grades and credit hours for each course.

App that is a mobile version of the Creightonian (they don't have a mobile version). Actually two teams (in different classes) are doing this, in different ways. You can also rate an article, and comment on it. Only CU students can use it (you have to log in with your CU login).

App that integrates a calendar and a to-do list in the same app.

App for Greek organizations to stay in touch with their members, remind about meetings, etc.

App for bartenders to make drinks.

App to help you find specific rooms in a given CU building.

App to let CU students rate a variety of things of interest to students: Faculty, Courses, Majors (within Business), Dorms, Dining Halls, etc.

App to help students find places to go around CU based on what they want to do.

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