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Student Move-out Provides Goods for Goodwill

Students are packing up for the summer break. Unfortunately they usually can’t take everything back that they brought with them.

Creighton University is partnering with Goodwill® and Keep America Beautiful in a nationally piloted program, Give and Go: Move Out 2013, designed to keep those items out of the trash and instead put to “good re-use.”

Between May 1 - 19, Creighton will work with Goodwill® to strategically place special donation bins throughout the campus for students to use while cleaning out their residence hall rooms.

The U.S. Department of Education estimates that three million students live in campus housing at 2,100 U.S. colleges and universities nationwide. Each year, students leaving campus encounter storage and car trunks that can only hold so much, and often leave perfectly good clothes, electronics, books and furniture in overflowing campus dumpsters.

“We know Creighton students are conservation-minded and willing to do something on behalf of the planet if it’s convenient and fun. Give and Go: Move Out 2013 is an easy clean-up solution that offers tangible results,” said Frank McGree, Goodwill Omaha's CEO.

Creighton is one of five universities chosen for the initiative. The other institutions include Franklin College in Indiana, Northern Illinois University, Trinity University in Texas, and the University of Toledo. The pilot initiative, organized by Keep America Beautiful and Goodwill® in conjunction with the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), encourages college students to do something good by donating their unwanted clothing, kitchen items, electronics, books and any other items from their residence hall rooms.

The purpose of Give and Go is to encourage students to reduce waste and boost existing sustainability practices on campus. The donated items are sold at Goodwill stores, and the revenue is used to fund job training and community-based services for people who face challenges to finding employment.

“A box of books can provide 13 hours of on-the-job training, eight desk lamps can provide an hour-and-a-half of résumé preparation,” said McGree. “Give and Go is an opportunity to donate responsibly and recognize how donating the things you can no longer use can have an important social impact.”

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