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Successful Nursing Outcomes Central to Creighton-Developed Evaluation Tool


With more and more of a nursing student's clinical hours spent in simulation environments, nursing programs throughout the world are being forced to take a long, hard look at how they can most effectively evaluate their students. Creighton University College of Nursing took a proactive approach to the trend years ago by developing its own tool: the Creighton Simulation Evaluation Instrument (C-SEI).

"Creighton has a strong reputation for its emphasis on clinical, so to actually take away clinical time and replace it with another experience was a little bit frightening for us as a faculty," says Mary Tracy, Ph.D., RN, associate professor of nursing and one of the creators of C-SEI.  "Any simulated experience had to be considered just like clinical in order to be effective and to do that we had to be able to assess the student's performance."

Because Creighton teaches nursing students of all levels, Tracy and her four College of Nursing collaborators knew they needed to develop tool to evaluate a range of skillsets in a variety of nursing scenarios. C-SEI does just that by focusing on 22 general nursing behaviors split into four categories:

  • Assessment: subjective, objective, follow-up, correct manner and technique
  • Communication: with providers, with patient and significant others, documentation, response to abnormal findings, realism/professionalism
  • Critical Thinking: interprets vital signs, lab results and relevant data, outcome formulation, intervention performance and rationale, evaluation of interventions, reflection
  • Technical Skills: patient identifiers, utilizes standard precautions, safe medication administration, equipment management, technical performance

After several years of research and successful outcomes, the C-SEI has proven effective and is now being sought after by nursing educators around the world.

"The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is using it for a national study to look at how much simulation is safe and effective in nursing programs. In addition, the National League for Nursing uses the tool, too, in what?s called a high-stakes simulation," says Tracy.

Requests for more information about the tool have poured in from across the United States and C-SEI is currently being translated into Chinese for use overseas.

For more information or to inquire about the use of C-SEI at your nursing program, visit

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