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Murdock Named Student Employee of the Year

Third-year Heider College of Business student, Thomas W. Murdock of Sioux Falls, S.D., was named the Student Employee of the Year 2014 for his work ethic and energy in Creighton University's Internal Audit Department where he works as an assistant auditor.

"Thomas has great potential and will make significant contributions in his chosen profession. Thomas took advantage of a unique opportunity to perform beyond his level of experience due to staff vacancies," said T. Paul Tomoser, Internal Audit Director.

As an assistant auditor, Murdock interacts directly with clients and is involved in all phases of engagement from planning to fieldwork, which consists of audit tests, surveys, benchmarking and reporting. He was the lead researcher on a risk assessment project regarding the university's external reporting of non-financial data.

"You can't help but notice that he is very energetic and willing to adapt to any assignment or activity given to him. He was very helpful to me and a joy to be with as he assisted me with my transition to the Internal Audit Department last summer," said Tom Pfeifler, senior auditor who works closely with Murdock.

"The Internal Audit Department is not an easy assignment. Our standards and expectations are high. Those who complete our internship are better prepared to excel in the professional services project oriented environment. To perform well here is really saying something," said Tomoser.

Murdock was selected from 32 nominees for this recognition program. To be nominated, nominees must be full-time undergraduate students who have been employed by their department for six months. All nominees receive a letter of recognition from the Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.

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