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A Student for Others

Tai Hoang, a Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences senior graduating in exercise science, knows the value of a dollar—and is so grateful for the education he received that he has put a $1 away each week since his first semester senior year to donate back to the University. His reasoning was simple-- he wanted to make a financial contribution to Creighton so others like himself could go to school. And in two short semesters he donated $400 to the Rev, Raymond Bucko, S. J., Scholarship Fund, to help other low income students.

Hoang is a remarkable young man. His family immigrated from Vietnam to the United States when he was 13 and he excelled at Papillion High School where he was an honor roll student. Despite only speaking English for the past five years, he received a Gates Millennium Scholarship and several academic awards to attend Creighton. At Creighton he has been enrolled in the Student Support Services Program, one of several federally funded TRIO programs, which provides academic support and financial assistance to first generation and low-income students. His will be pursing an advanced degree in public health following graduation.

“I am totally impressed by Tai’s tremendous sense of stewardship and commitment to Creighton. As a first-generation college student whose resources are limited, his generosity of spirit is a testament to the leader he has become,” said Tami Bufflahead-McGill, director of Student Services.

While on campus he has been a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Club, Peer 2 Peer, the Latino Student and Asian Student Association. Committed to making positive change, he has participated in immersion trips to Eagle Butte and Rosebud, South Dakota, a spring service trip to Oklahoma, research projects and volunteered at Alegent Creighton Health Medical Center Pharmacy and at the Fountain View Senior Living Community during high school.

“I truly believe that an education is one of the key contributors in creating a difference in our society. I believe one of the purposes of life is to serve others with care and compassion through one’s work and actions," he said.

Hoang treasures the gifts he has been given and wants to help others who need help. His actions do speak louder than words.

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