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St. Albert's Day showcases best of student research

Students showcased their research Tuesday, April 14, 2015, at the St. Albert's Day/University Research Day event.Ever wondered if breakfast is really the most important meal of the day? Or how protests spread via Twitter? How about how much energy students in an average Creighton University residence hall use? Or how horses help humans in a therapeutic setting?

Answers to these questions ó or at least the beginnings of answers ó are on display at Creighton, Tuesday, April 14, as part of the Universityís St. Albertís Day Student Poster/Presentation Session and University Research Day. St. Albertís Day/University Research Day celebrates the work undertaken by Creighton students and faculty during the academic year and provides a platform for this research to be displayed and discussed.

This year, 116 posters went on display at the Harper Center ballroom on the Creighton campus, along with 27 oral presentations by students.

St. Albertís Day, named for St. Albert the Great, patron saint of scientists and a polymathic scholar in his own right, started at Creighton in 1997 and has expanded through the years to encompass research from across the University campus, inspired by students and encouraged by faculty. For a complete listing of all research posters, projects and presentations, click here.

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