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Creighton Global Initiative awards $1.5 million for University proposals

New initiative brings global experiences to campus

Creighton Global InitiativeResearch initiatives, faculty development, student immersion experiences, scholarships, and lecture series are among the 30 proposals awarded nearly $1.5 million in funding through Creighton University’s Creighton Global Initiative, a seed-funding program for faculty, staff, and students designed to strengthen, enrich and embrace the University’s global perspectives. Nearly $4 million was raised by alumni, friends, and foundations in the effort to launch CGI, which Creighton President the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J., announced during his inauguration last fall. Fundraising efforts for this initiative will be ongoing.

“The need for us today to study the landscapes of our lives in prescient, and the need for understanding the conditions and realities of those around us is just as urgent,” said Fr. Hendrickson. “At an institution likes ours, with nine schools and colleges, with programs of expertise in a broad range of health sciences, law, business, and the humanities, we are well positioned to be instruments of understanding, empathy, and compassion for others. CGI will take more of Creighton out into the world, and it will bring more of the world to Creighton.”

A campus committee of faculty, staff, and students developed measurements and criteria for assessing proposals including academic enhancement, the cultivation of a globally conversant campus, local impact in the community, international immersion and study abroad experiences. Each project also demonstrated institutional innovation to prompt special focus on pressing global issues, such as migration, refugees, climate change, disease, and the use of natural resources, all in the interest of further internationalizing the Creighton campus.

“I had no idea what kind of projects would be submitted,” said Carol Zuegner, Ph.D., committee member and associate professor in the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing. “There were more than 80 proposals submitted, covering a wide array of projects, which indicated the desire of the campus for innovation and to be global and be a part of the larger world.”

Among the projects approved for funding:

  • Environmental Global Citizenship: A Fundamental Component of Environmental Study This project is a response in part to Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, and will employ a partnership with international Jesuit academic programs for exchange students and faculty in immersed environmental inquiry.
  • Backpack Journalism A collaborative five-week summer immersion project for Arts and Sciences students, providing them an opportunity to learn filmmaking, journalism and theology while producing a mini-documentary telling the story of a marginalized people.
  • Our Town Now: A Theater for Social Justice Project Requiring research, community service, and artistry, this project focuses on using theater for social justice.
  • Applying Genomics to the Elimination of River Blindness This scientific effort takes aim at the parasitic worm that is transmitted to humans through blackflies. Creighton has led the effort to sequence the genomes of the transmitting species, in partnership with academic and government institutions from five continents.

    A complete listing of the proposals can be found here.

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