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Even Creighton preschool students gotta catch 'em all

PokemonCreighton University Pokemon Go players may want to check out a new spot on campus to catch them all: the James R. Russell Child Development Center.

Inside are Pikachus, Squirtles and even a Jigglypuff or two, but these Pokemon won’t show up on any game—they’re original drawings from the 3 to 5-year-old room at the Russell Center.

The most prolific Pokemon artist was out of town—presumably hunting more rare Pokemon—but a boy named Johnny showed off his art.

He doesn’t play Pokemon, but says he started drawing because “I watch it on TV.” His favorite Pokemon? Pikachu of course. He’s drawn quite a few of the beloved yellow Pokemon.

In between naps and story time, the children look up various Pokemon on iPads and replicate them on paper.

They may not have been around for the initial Pokemon craze of the late 1990s, but these children are taking part in the latest Pokemon craze, with or without playing the game.

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