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Former firefighter captain named emergency manager

Pete AndrewsCreighton University has hired a new emergency manager committed to making the University safe and secure.

This summer, Creighton’s Department of Public Safety brought on Pete Andrews, a former captain with the Omaha Fire Department. The new position will bolster the department’s efforts to improve campus safety along three key priorities: people, processes and technology, says Mike Reiner, senior director of public safety.

In the last few years, Reiner says, the department has invested in a range of training for officers and dispatchers, standardized internal processes such as parking permit registration and implemented new technologies such as the POM personal safety device.

“Hiring an emergency manager further strengthens our team by bringing in Pete’s specialized training and experience in these critical areas,” Reiner says.

Andrews, who spent 24 years with the Omaha Fire Department and holds a master’s degree in security management, knows that his job may appear draining. Envisioning the worst-case-scenarios; mentally noting sprinkler systems and emergency exits. Preparing, always, for what could go wrong.

“We always try to stay one step ahead of the ‘what ifs,’” Andrews says. “I enjoy looking at those situations and trying to plan around them and just trying to find ways to keep people as safe as they can be.”

In his new role, Andrews will review and revise University emergency plans and will serve as chair of the Training and Education Working Group, which carries out the intent of Creighton’s Preparedness Committee. He will also act as a liaison between the University and outside public safety organizations, including the fire department, Omaha Police Department, City Hall, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and others.

“You have a public safety team here at Creighton, and they’re a pretty well-oiled machine. They’ve got the basics all covered,” he says. “I think it’s good to have someone with my background who can reach out to some of the other public safety entities in the city and try to bring them together so they have a better understanding of where things are on campus and how they operate so we can collaboratively develop the best procedures to mitigate an incident.”

In today’s world, Andrews says, public safety officials as well as students, staff and faculty must be conscious of all potential threats. His goal, he says, is to optimize University policies and procedures to be able to prevent or respond effectively to all major events.


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