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Creighton welcomes more than 1,000 freshmen for seventh consecutive year

Creighton University archThis week, Creighton University will welcome the Class of 2024, marking the seventh consecutive year in which freshmen enrollment has exceeded 1,000 students. It is, as has become characteristic of Creighton’s student body, a geographically and racially diverse class.

Slightly more students are drawn from communities more than 1,000 miles distant from Omaha (21%) as are drawn from the Omaha metropolitan area itself (20%). Bucking a national trend of students remaining closer to home, more than 40% of Creighton’s freshman class is drawn from communities more than 400 miles from the city.

In further testimony to Creighton University’s national and regional reputation, 24% of incoming students hail from our home state, while 41% come from the Midwest states, and the remaining 35% from the coasts and other nations.

Mary Chase, Ed.D., vice provost for Enrollment Management at Creighton, said the healthy enrollment numbers are particularly welcome in a year when the COVID-19 pandemic restricted campus visits. “We feel very fortunate to have such a large and diverse freshman class,” she says. “Our reputation locally and nationally continues to be strong, and despite more than 26% of our enrolling students never officially visiting campus, we will enroll more than 1,000 freshmen for the seventh consecutive year.

“The genuine care displayed by our campus community when recruiting a class is second to none.”

At 53%, more than half the incoming freshman class indicates an interest in pursuing a professional program offered by Creighton. The majors drawing most interest are Biology, Nursing and Business.

The enrollment of students of color continues to advance, forming 27% of the incoming class, up from 26% a year ago.

The incoming class reports as 57% Catholic, demonstrating that the University’s Jesuit commitment to cura personalis, or care for the whole person, continues to draw students from across the faith spectrum.

The academic profile of incoming students remains strong. The overall median test score is comparable to a 27 on the ACT and the median GPA is 3.93. More than 43% of students with class rank are in the top 10% of the class and 14% rank either #1 or #2 in their class.

After the first year of implementing test optional, just under 14% of the incoming class enrolled under the test optional provision.

The class is 60% female and 40% male, and 13% first-generation college student.


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