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Creighton University JAYNet Announcement Guidelines

The following are guidelines for the use of JAYNet-News to distribute general e-mail announcements sent to faculty, staff and students who are signed up for the JAYNet-News list serv.

Note: JAYNet-News does not reach the entire Creighton community. Currently, there are 1,462 subscribers out of a total community population of approximately 9,500 people. To reach the entire campus community, it is recommended that event information be posted on the Creighton Calendar ( and sent for inclusion in the “Creighton Today,” the University’s daily campus online newsletter (

Criteria for JAYNet-News Announcements

All announcements contributed by members of the campus community will be reviewed by the Department of Marketing and Public Relations prior to posting to ensure the content of each announcement meets the following criteria:

Content Must
• qualify as University-related information/business, which means that an event mentioned in the notice must be sponsored by a University office, program or officially recognized student, staff or faculty organization (e.g., while an event sponsored by a local charity is clearly valuable, the University is not permitted to use its resources to promote that event unless it is co-sponsored by a University program).
• have relevance to a broad base of faculty, staff or students.
• contain the contributor’s name and e-mail address.
• be limited to 200 words or fewer and include Web addresses/links when possible to reduce text of the message and the impact on the campus e-mail system.
• be written in 11 or 12 pt font
• be written in paragraph form.
• be in plain text format and justified left copy.

Content Cannot Contain
• public debate or personal opinion
• political statements, political endorsements or political fund-raising
• personal items for purchase/rent or sought for purchase/rent
• advertisements, announcements or promotions for outside organizations or non-University related events or concerns.

Other Guidelines

1. Do Not Send Attachments or Include Images — Do not include attachments or images with mass mailings. Attachments can pose a significant storage and delivery burden for the mail server and campus network. If you need to convey additional information, post the information to a website and direct e-mail recipients to that site.

2. Use Web Links — When using web links, be sure to include the full URL address (e.g., http:// ...). This approach facilitates one click access to the website for most users.

3. Use Short, Descriptive Subject Lines — Be sure to include a short, descriptive subject line with your e-mail. A descriptive subject line allows recipients to quickly browse their inbox for items of interest without having to open each message. The subject line should be limited to 35-50 characters (text, spacing and punctuation).

4. Minimize use of special formatting including large type size, colors, bolding, italics, underline.

Process for Submitting Items

1. To send a notice to JAYNet-News, type your information into a new e-mail message and then, in the “TO” box, type

2. When sending your message, do not include any type of notes to the list administrator. ONLY send what you want subscribers to read (i.e., no posting instructions, questions, etc.). These notes cannot be edited out of the message, therefore, your item will not be posted, and you will have to make the changes and resubmit it.

3. Please carefully review your content because the technology in the management center does not allow the list administrator to edit or make changes. If typos or formatting issues occur, your item will not be posted, and you will have to make the changes and resubmit it.
4. JAYNet-News announcements are distributed to faculty, staff and students by 1 p.m. each day the campus is open. Contributions for that day must be received by 11 a.m. in the JAYNet-News e-mail account.

5. When questions of clarity, accuracy or appropriateness of the message arise, Marketing and Public Relations staff will hold the announcement until the following day while they contact the contributor for clarification.

6. Contributors may post the same notice only twice a week, and they must resubmit the notice each time they would like it to be posted.