Important Dates


SEPT. 15        Last day for a First-Time competitor to enroll in this year's decathlon.

NOVEMBER    Creighton Prep and Ravenna Scrimmages (Dates to be arranged)

NOV. 15        Due date for the filing of eligibility worksheets to John Anstey. Please remember each student must have both a completed eligibility worksheet and a copy of his/her transcript covering the last two academic years.  Although you can have as many students involved in Academic Decathlon Program as you want, John Anstey will complete the evaluation of only 18 students.  If you are going to experience any problem meeting this deadline, please contact John Anstey.

DECEMBER   LINCOLN Scrimmages (Dates to be arranged)

DEC. 15     The names of your regular team members and alternate team members (if any) must be submitted to John Anstey. In addition, please be sure to submit a completed permission to participate form for each student.  Please be sure the form is signed by both the student and one or his/her parents/guardians.

JAN. 21        Regional level of Competition.

FEB. 17-18   State Final at Creighton University.

MAR. 15       Invitation to Participate in 2012-13 Decathlon sent to all participants in the 2011-12 Decathlon.

APR. 25- 28  National Final in ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO

JUNE 30   End of the Nebraska Academic Decathlon Year.