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New Student Registration Instructions


Upcoming Registration Dates

Winter 2015/2016 Registration: All students may register beginning Nov. 5.

Spring 2016 Registration:

Nov. 5-6 (Thurs., Fri.) Seniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Graduate

Nov. 9-10 (Mon., Tues.) Juniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions

Nov. 11, 12, 13 (Wed., Thurs., Fri.) Sophomores, Law

Nov. 16, 17, 18 (Mon., Tues., Wed.) Freshmen and Special


Summer 2016 Registration: All students may register beginning Mar. 31.

Fall 2016 Registration:

Mar. 31, Apr. 1 (Thurs, Fri) Seniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Graduate

Apr. 4, 5 (Mon, Tues) Juniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions

Apr. 6, 7, 8 (Wed, Thurs, Fri) Sophomores, Law

Apr. 11, 12 (Mon, Tues) Freshmen and Special

June (TBD) Incoming Freshmen



Current Students

After mid-term break each semester you will receive class schedule information [refer to Schedule of Courses] and meet with your advisor regarding registration for the upcoming term(s). See the 'Upcoming Registration Dates' in the right hand box for specific dates. 

When you meet with your advisor, you will receive a registration PIN and assigned registration time, which is prioritized by your classification (total earned credits). Your assigned registration time and PIN are randomly assigned within your registration period.  

For Fall and Spring semesters, you may register online (through the NEST) anytime beginning with your assigned registration day/time, and continuing through the first week of classes.  Special permission courses require processing at the Registrar's Office after you obtain the necessary approval(s). 

 Registration for Summer and January/Winter Term begins on the same day for all students, regardless of classification (see 'Upcoming Registration Dates'  in right box for specific day). 

Please note that all financial obligations to the University and other enrollment requirements, such as required immunizations or transcripts, must be met before you are allowed to register for any subsequent term. 

New Transfer Students

After you have been accepted to Creighton and your transcripts have been analyzed for transfer credit, you will be assigned to an advisor in your Dean's Office. You will then receive a registration time and PIN assignment in order to register along with current students.

New Freshman Students

In May, you will receive class schedule, registration and summer preview information.  During the summer you will consult with a faculty advisor who will assist you with the Fall semester registration process.

High School Students: Special Enrollment

We welcome inquiries from high school students seeking to enroll in a course. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply.