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New Student Registration Information and Instructions

Welcome new students!

Learn about planning your schedule and registering for courses with these videos!

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Planning Your Schedule
Searching for Courses
Registering on the NEST

Upcoming Registration Dates

Winter 2017 Registration (Graduate Students Only):

Begins Nov. 2. 

Spring 2018 Registration:

Nov. 2, 3 (Thurs., Fri.) Seniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Graduate

Nov. 6, 7 (Mon., Tues.) Juniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions

Nov. 8, 9, 10 (Wed., Thurs., Fri.) Sophomores, Law

Nov. 13, 14, 15 (Mon., Tues., Wed.) Freshmen and Special

Summer 2018 Registration:

Begins April 3 for all students, regardless of classification/cohort.

Fall 2018 Registration:

Apr. 3, 4 (Tues., Wed.) Seniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Graduate

Apr. 5, 6 (Thurs., Fri.) Juniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions

Apr. 9, 10, 11 (Mon., Tues., Wed.) Sophomores, Law

Apr. 12, 13 (Thurs., Fri.) Freshmen and Special

Continuing students may register/add courses on the NEST through August 29, or drop courses on the NEST through September 1.

Incoming Freshmen register for Fall during Summer Preview as follows:

On-Campus Summer Preview registration dates are June 4-5, 7-8, 11-12, 14-15.

Virtual Summer Preview registration dates are June 19-21.

Freshman Drop/Add Period begins June 25.



Current Students

Look for the Schedule of Courses for the upcoming term on the NEST after mid-term break each Fall and Spring.  You will register for courses through your NEST account at an appointed time.*  (See "Upcoming Registration Dates" in the right-hand column.)

Before you can register you must meet with your advisor to plan your schedule.  Your advisor will provide your registration PIN and appointment time. (See "Preparing to Register" and other helpful links in the left column.)

Your registration PIN and appointment are randomly assigned based on your level or school (for example, Graduate, Law, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Undergraduate). For Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, PINs are randomized based on classification** (completed credits).  Freshmen receive random PINs within their group. 

For Fall or Spring, your PIN becomes active at the day/time of your registration appointment.   It remains active through the end of the Add/Drop period for that term.  (See "Academic Calendars" for specific dates.) Therefore, you may change your schedule on your NEST account until the Add/Drop period ends.  If you are unable to change your schedule on your own, you may use the Change of Registration Request form.  

Regardless of your classification, you may register for Winter beginning the first day of the Spring registration period, and for Summer beginning the first day of the Fall registration period. (NOTE:  Freshmen are prohibited from taking Winter term courses.)  The PIN assignment you receive for Spring also works for Winter; likewise, your Fall PIN also works for Summer. 

To register for a course that requires special permission, you must obtain the necessary approval(s) and submit them to the Registrar's Office for processing.  (See "Overrides and Exceptions" in the left column.)  

You must meet all financial obligations to the University and other enrollment requirements, such as required immunizations or transcripts, before you are allowed to register for any subsequent term. 

*Medical and Dental students should consult their Dean's Office for specific registration information.

**Undergraduate Classification Information

# Completed Credits = Your Classification
<24 credits = Freshman
24-59.5 credits = Sophomore
60-95.5 credits = Junior
96+ credits = Senior

New Transfer Students

After you have been accepted to Creighton and your transcripts have been analyzed for transfer credit, you will be assigned to an advisor in your Dean's Office. You will then receive a registration time and PIN assignment in order to register along with current students.

New Freshman Students

In May, you will be invited to participate in a Summer Preview session.   At Preview, you will receive class schedule, registration and summer preview information.  While on campus, you will also have an appointment with a faculty advisor who will assist you with the Fall semester registration process.  

Two Summer Preview options are available -- four on-campus events and two virtual-preview dates.  If you are unable to attend an on-campus Preview session, you will receive information about participating in the Virtual Preview session.  Click Summer Preview for more information about these activities.

High School Students: Special Enrollment

We welcome inquiries from high school students seeking to enroll in a course. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply.