Registering for Courses


For Undergraduates:
# Completed Credits = Your Classification

<24 Cr. = Freshman
24-59.5 Cr. = Sophomore
60-95.5 Cr. = Junior
96+ Cr. = Senior


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New Student Registration Information and Instructions

Welcome new students!

Learn about planning your schedule and registering for courses with these videos!

The following webpages will also help you with Registration Planning.

Planning Your Schedule
Searching for Courses
Registering on the NEST

Future Registration Dates

2022 Summer Preview:

New Student Orientation and Registration

Dates TBA.

Summer Preview Details


Current Students

Registration Information and Instructions

Spring 2022 Registration Dates:

Oct. 28/29 (Thurs/Fri) Seniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Graduate
Nov. 1/2 (Mon/Tues)
Juniors, Pharmacy/Health Professions
Nov. 3/4/5 (Wed/Thurs/Fri)
Sophomores, Law
Nov. 8/9/10 (Mon/Tues/Wed)
Freshmen, Special

Spring Add deadline is January 18, Drop deadline is January 21.

Winter 2021 Registration begins Oct. 28 for ALL students.

Winter Add/Drop: Deadlines vary depending on the term dates for your winter courses.  See Winter Term Instructions.

New Transfer Students

After you have been accepted to Creighton and your transcripts have been analyzed for transfer credit, you will be assigned to an advisor in your Dean's Office. You will then receive a registration time and PIN assignment in order to register along with current students.

New Freshmen in Fall 2022

In May, you will receive an invitation to Creighton's Virtual Summer Preview. During Preview, you will work with a faculty advisor to learn about classes and plan your schedule. You will also register for Fall courses.

If you are completing standardized college-level examinations (such as AP, IB, CLEP, etc.), Creighton will award academic credit for your exams based on the guidelines posted on our Admissions website. Be sure to consult your advisor about your exams during your Preview session. Based on your planned course of study and test scores, your advisor can help you determine how well prepared you are for the next level of courses in that field of study.

Visiting Students

Click here for information and instructions.

High School Students: Special Enrollment

We welcome inquiries from high school students seeking to enroll in a course. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

Dual-Enrollment Credit

Creighton University partners with several area high schools to offer dual-enrollment courses.  These are courses taught to high school students for which the students receive both high school and Creighton University credit.  Click here for the Special Student Registration Application if your high school participates.