Course Overrides

How to Request a Course Override

Undergraduates, follow the instructions below.

All other students contact your Dean's Office or Academic Coach for assistance.


Undergraduate Override Instructions

Send an email based on the type of override you need, as follows:

Override Type

Who to Contact

Pre-req, Co-req, Test Score, Class Restriction, Field of Study Restriction, or Degree Restriction

The Department that hosts the course (Department Contact List).

Time Conflict

Instructors of both courses, Departments that host the courses.  (Department Contact List).

Closed Course

Department closed course override contact (Contact List).

Maximum Hours

Your Dean's Office (Dean's Office Contact List).

Instructor Consent

The Instructor*.

*Instructor email address are available on the Outlook Address Book, the course information on the class schedule, or AMI.


Your override request must include:

  • Your Name; NET ID; College (e.g., College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, or College of Nursing); and classification (e.g., FR, SO, JR, SR) at Creighton.
  • The type of override you're requesting and the reason you need it.*
  • If you need more than one type of override for a course (e.g., a Pre-req and a Closed Course override), mention that.
  • The CRN, Subject, Course Number and Section of the course (or courses, if a time conflict is involved).
  • Whether you are an Honors Student, (if you are requesting a Maximum Hours Overrride).

* Click here for information on Registration Errors.

DON'T FORGET: You may need more than one type of override for a course!

  • Pay attention to ALL Registration Add Error messages for a course (e.g. if you get a prerequisite, co-requisite or test score error AND another error).
  • The course may also be closed, or may require instructor/department consent, for example.
  • Request all your overrides together to prevent delays in your registration process.

What happens after I submit my request?

Watch your email for a reply and pay attention to its instructions! Have patience. Someone will respond as soon as possible.

  • Some departments process overrides directly, then instruct you to register yourself.
  • Some departments submit override approval to the Registrar's Office. In these cases, we will register you.
  • NOTE: The Registrar's Office will not accept approval emails forwarded by students. Departments/advisors/instructors must send approval directly to 
  • You will receive a follow up on your request.



Registrar's Office staff are available to assist with registration questions. Contact us at 402-280-2702, or