Current Students

Current Student Registration Information and Instructions

Forgot your PIN?

  • Login to NEST.
  • Click Student Services>Registration> Forgot Registration PIN?
  • The reminder works only if you have already registered yourself for at least one course.

*Undergraduate Classification Information

# Completed Credits = Your Classification

<24 credits = Freshman
24-59.5 credits = Sophomore
60-95.5 credits = Junior
96+ credits = Senior

Before You Register:

Review the schedule of courses.

Meet with your advisor.

  • Talk through your plans, ideas and questions.
  • Only your advisor can provide your registration PIN and appointment time.

Resolve HOLDS on your account! You won't be able to register until you do.

  • How to tell if you have a HOLD: On the NEST go to Student Services>Student Records>Holds. Contact the department that issued the hold.

Update your Anticipated Graduation Date.

  • NEST>Main Menu>Personal Information>Update Expected Graduation Date.

Create your preferred course list and set of alternates.

NOTE: The override request process has changed!

When you Register:

Choose the correct term (i.e. Fall, Spring, or Summer).  Other options will give you an error.

Deadlines (NEST Registration):

  • Fall 2021 courses: August 24, 2021, to ADD, August 27, 2021, to DROP.
  • Summer: Click here for the current year.
  • After posted deadlines, you must receive approval from your advisor or Dean's Office.  Click here for instructions.
  • NOTE: Graduate, Law, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Medicine and Dentistry students must contact their Dean's Office about withdrawal questions!

Remain Calm. Contact the Registrar's Office for assistance with overrides or questions. Include your name and NET ID on all communication.

Registration Troubleshooting

About Registration PINs

  • PINs and appointments are assigned based on your level or school (for example, Graduate, Law, Pharmacy/Health Professions, Undergraduate).
  • Junior and Seniors PINs are randomized based on classification/completed credits*-see above right for details). NOTE: In-progress credits are NOT considered "completed" and therefore are NOT factored in to PIN assignments.
  • Freshmen and Sophomores receive random PINs within their group and are NOT based on classification/completed credits*. 
  • Fall PINs also work for Summer registration.
  • Spring PINs also work for Winter registration.
  • Your PIN remains active from your registration appointment time through the end of the Add/Drop period for the term you are registering for.