Overrides and Exceptions

Overrides and Exceptions


You have the option to seek an Override when you get a Registration Error.

What is an Override?  It is a waiver or other documented permission you may request if you want to register for a course for which you have received a Registration Error.

TWO TYPES OF OVERRIDES:  Paperless and Override Forms

1. Paperless Overrides:  Many Creighton departments now issue overrides with this environmentally-friendly process. Click here for a list of participating departments and their override coordinators.

  • To request a Paperless Override, contact the appropriate override coordinator(s). Tell them about your registration error, give them the CRN (or course number and section) for the override you are requesting.
  • The department contact will obtain the appropriate approval, set up your override permission, and notify you when it is ready. You must then register yourself for the course.
    • You may have a limited amount of time to register for that course before the override expires.
    • Check your Creighton email often for Override notices.

2. Override/Exceptions Forms:  Departments not participating in Paperless Overrides use this form.  Click here to print a copy of Creighton's Override Form.  (Copies of the form are also available at the Registrar's, Dean's, and department offices.)

  • To request the override:
    • Complete the appropriate section(s) of the form;
    • Take the form to the appropriate department for a signature and stamp;
    • Deliver signed/stamped form to the Registrar's Office;
    • Registrar's Office staff will register you for the course.

TIP:  Overrides for a prerequisite, co-requisite or test score error allow you to register for a class that has an available seat.  If you receive a "Closed Course" error when registering, you will need an additional "Closed Course" override for that course.



Registrar's Office staff members are available to assist you with registration questions or issues.  Contact us at Brandeis Hall 202, extension 2701, or registrar@creighton.edu.