Preparing to Register

Advance Planning Simplifies Your Registration Process


Before You Register

  • Update your address, phone number, emergency contact information, and Anticipated Graduation Date on the NEST.  This should be done every term.

  • Resolve holds on your account.  View holds on the NEST at Student Services>Student Records>Holds.  A hold may prevent you from registering.  Contact the office listed under "Hold Type" for more information.


Plan for Your Meeting with Your Advisor

  • Develop a list of "first choice" classes and their CRNs.  Include all labs, co-requisites, or other required sections.  Make sure there are no time conflicts.

  • Develop a list of alternate courses in case you encounter Registration Errors.  It's helpful to have their CRNs handy at your registration time.

  • Select classes for which you have met pre-requisites or other requirements.   Your advisor can help with this.

  • Think long-term and talk with your advisor about making a four-year plan.  Together you can use Degree Works to help with this.  (Degree Works is our new online degree evaluation and planning tool. See Registration Resources.)


Meet with Your Advisor and Get Your PIN

  • Meet and get to know your advisor. Discuss your interests, plans, questions, graduation goals, other school-related issues, and your preliminary schedule ideas.  Work with him/her to finalize your schedule and list of alternate courses.

  • Your advisor will provide your registration date/time/PIN*.

  • See the schedule at right for upcoming registration dates.


After You Register

  • You can make changes on your registration through the last day to register for classes. (See the calendar for these deadlines.)

  • Forgot your Registration PIN?  Get a reminder on the NEST at Student Services>Registration>Forgot PIN?


*PINS are assigned randomly based on a student's level or school (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Pharmacy/Health Professions).  For Juniors and Seniors, PINs are randomized based on classification (completed credit hours). Sophomores and Freshmen receive random PINs within their group. 

Some students receive priority PIN assignments if they fall within Federal guidelines for disability or special services accommodation, or are participating in a program that requires Creighton to ensure that they have access to courses due to travel schedules, for example.  Additionally, some students receive priority PINs as part of honors-affiliated programs.