Registration Errors

Help! I Got a Registration Error!

Did you receive a course registration error? Pay attention to the "Status" information for the course.  For example: 

Registration Error/Status

What it Means

Class Restriction                       

The course is restricted to students with a specific classification (e.g. FR, SO, JR, SR).

Closed Course/Section

The class is full.

Duplicate Course           

You have two sections of the same class on your schedule.  Delete/drop one of them.

Field of Study/Degree      

The course is restricted to students in a specific major or program.

Instructor Consent

Instructor approval is required.

Maximum Hours Exceeded                          

You are limited to a specific number of hours based on your level (e.g., 18 credits for undergraduates).

Pre-requisite/Co-requisite/Test Score

You have not met the prior or concurrent requirements for the course.*

Time Conflict                    

Two or more of your desired courses overlap in time.


You may get more than one registration error for a course. PAY ATTENTION to the status information under Registration Add Errors.

You have options with Registration Errors:

  • Register for a different course.
  • Request an override. Here's how.

*NOTE: If you received a co-requisite error, simply enter CRNs for both courses in the shopping cart, then click submit.

Receive an error not listed above?

Contact and provide details, including your name, NET, and the exact error message you received.