Registration Errors

Help! I got a Registration Error.


When registering for courses, you may receive a Registration Error. Here's an example: 

Types of Registration Errors and How to Solve Them

Class Restriction:

  • A course may be restricted by college/school, degree program, major or class year. 
  • If you're not in that school/program/major/class, you'll get this error.
  • Find an alternate course.

Closed Course: 

  • The class is full.
  • Register for an open section of the same course or a different course.

Duplicate Course: 

  • The database detects two sections of the same course on your schedule.
  • Drop one of them using the drop option listed by the course.

Instructor or Department Consent: 

Maximum Hours Exceeded: 

  • You need an Override with a stamp from your Dean's Office to increase your maximum hours for the term.
  • See Course Overrides.

Prereq, Co-req or Test Score: 

  • You have not met the prerequisite or co-requisite for the course. 
  • Refer to the catalog for details.
  • If the error regards a Pre-Req or a Test Score, find a different course or request an Override.
  • If the error regards a co-requisite, you MUST type the CRNs for both courses in your Class Shopping Cart at the same time.

Time Conflict: 

  • Two or more of your desired courses overlap in time.
  • Choose one or more different courses.

Tips for Resolving Errors

Have a list of alternate courses/CRNs handy.  You may have to re-arrange your schedule to get a set of courses that works for you based on what is available at the time you register.

To correct a registration error, add a new CRN to your Class Shopping Cart and click "Register/Submit."

Some instructors/departments may grant exceptions for Registration Errors.  See Course Overrides.