Registration Help

Troubleshooting Registration Issues

Before contacting the Registrar's Office, review the following list for possible solutions to your registration questions.

The list includes error messages you may see on NEST, other problems you experience attempting to register, or other questions you may have.

After Drop/Add Deadline

Audit a Course

  • Contact your Dean's office for permission. 
  • The Registrar's Office will accept an email from your Dean's Office as documentation. The email must be sent by the Dean's Office directly to

Change Number of Credits/Variable Credit Course

  • On the NEST Registration menu, click on Add/Drop Classes.
  • On the list of registered classes, locate the "Cred" column.
  • Click on the credit number for the class you want to change.
  • Enter the new number of credits in the space provided.
  • Click "Submit Changes."
  • Click "Return to Add/Drop Classes."
  • The new number of credits will appear in the "Cred" column.

Degree Requirements/Schedule Planning

HOLD on my Account

  • Check NEST>Student Services>Student Records>Holds.
  • Contact the office listed with the hold information. Only that office is authorized to remove the hold.  The Registrar's Office cannot remove holds placed by other offices.

Invalid PIN

  • Make sure you select the correct term (e.g. Fall, Spring, or Summer--NOT Academic Year 2020-2021).
  • Re-enter your PIN.
  • If it still doesn't work, tell the Registrar's Office the PIN that was given to you and we can help verify it.

Lost/Forgot PIN

  • Get a reminder on NEST at Student Services>Registration>Forgot Registration PIN? If you have already registered for at least one course, you'll get a reminder.
  • If you haven't registered for anything and cannot remember/find your PIN, contact your advisor.
  • Your advisor will provide your PIN when you meet with him/her.  The Registrar's Office does not distribute PINs directly to students.

Need a Course Override

Need to Take More than 18 Credits

  • Contact your Dean's Office for approval - see Course Overrides for instructions.
  • If you are an Honors student, you must also have the Honors department approval.

NEST Registration Instructions

Not Permitted to Register at this Time

  • Wait until your appointed time and try again.
  • You may need to close and re-open your browser and try again.

Registration Add Error

Term Not Available for Registration Processing

  • You may get this message if you select Academic Year 2021-2022.
  • Select a term such as Fall, Spring, or Summer and try again.

Need Further Assistance?