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Rare Book Room

Librarian and students in the Rare Book Room

What is in the Rare Book Room?

The Reinert-Alumni Library Rare Book Room contains a collection of approximately 2,700 titles. Items housed in the room have been designated as rare, valuable and/or having significant relevance to Creighton University, Nebraska, the Great Plains Region, the local area, the Jesuits, and the Catholic Church. Biographical information pertaining to the Creighton family, along with many family possessions, have also been placed in the Rare Book Room. With a few exceptions, materials in the Rare Book Room are included in the Library Catalog (CLIC).

How can I access the Rare Book Room?

Arrangements for access to the Rare Book Room should be made in advance whenever possible. Access is available on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and at other times by special arrangement.

For security reasons, patrons must use rare materials under supervision in a staff area, or in the Rare Book Room with special permission from the Library Director. When finished, we ask that materials be returned immediately to a staff member.

The Rare Book Room is also available to faculty as a meeting space under certain conditions.

For questions regarding availability, please contact Barbara McElfresh, Administrative Assistant, at (402) 280-2706 / Email. Your cooperation and respect for the Rare Book Room is appreciated.

Rare Items or Collections

  • Medieval manuscripts
  • Miniature books
  • Handwritten Civil War diary
  • Treatises and pamphlets from Colonial America
  • Journals of early explorers of North America
  • Pioneer journals
  • Native American publications
  • Willa Cather works, including autographed first editions

Notable Titles

  • Argumentorum et obiectionum (1591)
  • Paradise Lost (1669)
  • The Ruine of Rome (1603)
  • The Tears of the Foot Guards, upon their Departure for America (1776)
  • An Historical Essay Concerning Witchcraft (1720)
  • A Plan for the Conduct of Female Education, in Boarding Schools (1797)
  • Vienna Dioscorides facsimile (sixth century)
  • Brunet's Prima pars physicae particularis