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Library Instruction

Library Instruction
Contact your Subject Liaison for more information.

Information Literacy

"Students will develop the basic skills of information literacy, including searching for information, critically evaluating information from sources, and appropriately using and citing information." 

-- CCAS Learning Outcome 2.I.1


The Reinert-Alumni Library supports faculty efforts to teach and assess lifelong information literacy skills, as addressed in the new Magis Core Curriculum. We offer a variety of options, as described below, to prepare your students for a successful library experience. If you have another format or suggestion in mind, please let us know and we can work together!


Guest Presentation

The Subject Liaisons can teach library research methods to your students upon request, in support of the learning outcomes you have set for them. We can either come to your classroom or students can convene in the Library. Most library sessions last approximately an hour, but we can reduce or extend the time to suit your needs. We will ask your students to complete our Library Instruction Survey.

Embedded Librarian Program

Faculty are invited to enroll a librarian in their BlueLine course(s). With access to your syllabus, we are better able to reinforce your expectations when students seek library assistance. Faculty can also engage a librarian's help as they develop an online course, with the aim of scouting supplemental readings and assuring copyright compliance. Contact your Subject Liaison.

Library Encounter Online (LEO)

The Library Encounter Online (LEO) is an interactive, modular tutorial designed to introduce students to academic research concepts, sources, and strategies in the library context. LEO is available for open use, or it can be assigned for course credit. Please contact Maoria Kirker for more information.

Course Guides

In addition to Research Guides for academic departments, we can also create Course Guides tailored to a specific class. We include relevant databases and other quality sources to help students successfully execute a research assignment, with your syllabus and expectations in mind. To request a Course Guide, please contact your Subject Liaison.

Research Toolbox

The Research Toolbox is a collection of links, handouts, and tutorials on conducting library research, and evaluating and citing sources. Faculty are welcome to point students to these resources from the web, or download them as class handouts. We welcome your suggestions for additional Toolbox resources.

Research Assistance Program (RAP)

For Individuals - The Research Assistance Program (RAP) is a good option for any student who is having trouble with a research project. The Subject Liaisons can guide them to appropriate databases and help them choose and cite quality sources. If you know of a student who is struggling in the Library, please encourage them to contact us for a one-on-one RAP session.

Library Clinic

For Groups - If you can't afford class time, we would be glad to schedule a library session for students outside of class. Clinics are held in the Library classroom at a time most convenient for a majority of interested students. Although attendance will likely be voluntary, extra credit points may be a worthwhile incentive. To schedule a library clinic, contact your department's Subject Liaison.


The information literacy standards adopted by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) have been an essential guide for librarians and faculty alike since 2000. A new ACRL Task Force comprised of librarians, university educators, and an accreditor has now undertaken an extensive revision of the standards, scheduled for publication in 2014. Read more >>