Prep Talks

Prep Talks are available upon request to faculty and staff -- including individuals, groups, or departments -- at a time and place that work for you! Sessions can vary in length, but usually take about an hour. One-on-one sessions can be scheduled anytime. For group or department Prep Talks, please allow one or two weeks' notice.

Your Pick

Streaming Videos


Subject Liaisons
(402) 280-2227 / Email

Treat yourself to a customized session on any database(s) or library topic of interest to you! Also available to departments.

Chris Carmichael
(402 280-1757 / Email

Spice up your course with streaming videos available from the Library, for use in BlueLine or in the classroom.


Mary Nash & John Mitchell
(402) 280-2226 / Email

Get organized. RefWorks is a sophisticated web-based system to help you manage, cite, format, and share bibliographic references.

Information Literacy

Copyright Basics

3D Printing and Scanning

Will Dooling
(402) 280-2927 / Email

Critical thinking is essential in the 21st century. Let us help you integrate and assess information literacy instruction in your courses.

Deb Sturges & Judi Bergjord
(402) 280-4756 / Email

The courts have ruled on the Georgia State case. Stay abreast of copyright considerations in face-to-face and online teaching.

Debra Sturges
(402) 280-4756 / Email

Discover the world of 3D printing and scanning opportunities available from the Library's Digital Design Center.

Ordering Library Materials

Cited Reference Tracking

Business Briefing

Mike Poma
(402) 280-2298 / Email

This session covers the ordering process for books, e-books, and media using library funds, with a focus on the tools available for evaluation.





Chris Carmichael & Jeanne Burke
(402) 280-1757 / Email

Are you preparing for tenure? Learn how tracking where and how often you are cited can be a measure of your scholarly contributions.


Chris Carmichael
(402) 280-1757 / Email

Find out what's new in the rich and varied landscape of business, financial, and market research information available from the Library.