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Logging In from Off Campus


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The Creighton Libraries use a service called EZproxy to provide students, faculty, and staff access to electronic resources from off campus. When you click on a resource licensed to Creighton, you will automatically go to the login page (shown below). You only need to log in once per Internet session.

Standard Login
Alternative Login

Refer to the yellow panel in the image below.

  • Your netID is the user name (abc12345
  • Your blue/CUmail password applies

Log in using netID alone, without a Blue\ or \AD prefix. Use AMI to reset your password.

Refer to the blue panel in the image below.

  • Use 16-digit number on your ID card
  • Your last name is the password

Older, little-used method. Omit any apostrophes and spaces in your last name.

Remote Access Login Page

login screen shot

What if I don't have a Creighton netID?

If you are an adjunct instructor or a short-term student without a Creighton netID, you can apply for one through Creighton Card Services. Alternatively, you may submit a request for Guest Access to the Health Sciences Library.

Can I access library e-journals through the open web?

The Creighton Libraries partner with Google Scholar, PubMed and others to activate linkouts to our e-resources. From off campus, you must first log in through EZproxy or you cannot gain access. If you are prompted for payment, you may consider interlibrary loan as an alternative.

What if I still can't log in?

If you experience difficulty logging in to the Creighton Libraries through EZproxy, please contact us for assistance:

Health Sciences Library

Reinert-Alumni Library

Reference Services
(402) 280-5108

Reference Services
(402) 280-2227