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About Intellectual Resources Management

Intellectual Resources Management (IRM) takes direction from Creighton University's Intellectual Property Policy (4.2.3) that describes the requirements for all faculty and staff to disclose inventions that meet the applicability criteria described in the policy ( A). Evaluation of our ability to legally protect the invention and to find suitable markets for it rests with Intellectual Resources Management (IRM), which also decides whether to include the invention in the University's portfolio or to return the invention to the inventor(s). Terms and conditions for handling the property are described in the policy. Creighton University has a generous revenue sharing policy with its faculty and staff. Non-research revenues generated from an invention are shared with the inventor as described in the Policy's Section F.

A typical invention at Creighton often requires additional research to complete or maximize the invention. Government grants and research agreements with various companies may provide the funding an inventor needs to achieve success. Intellectual Resources Management (IRM) is instrumental in attracting these added research dollars. When companies are involved in the funding, they usually require a guarantee that they will be able to market the results of the project. This guarantee is typically accomplished through a license agreement either included with the research contract or added as a second document. The company pays to Creighton University some combination of fees and royalties on product sales which are then distributed according to the policy.

For Disclosure Forms or other information, you are welcome to call Intellectual Resources Management (IRM) using the contact information below.

Intellectual Resources Management

Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Criss II, Room 119
Omaha NE, 68178

Director:  Lee Fenicle
Assistant Director: Mary Ann Wendland
Fax: 402-280-1410

You may also report noncompliant conduct to the Campus Safety Committee Chair or the Assistant Vice President for Research and Compliance.

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