The Dr. George F. Haddix President's Faculty Research Fund Awardees

The following are the 2013 awardees of The Dr. George F. Haddix President's Faculty Research Fund:

Amy Abbott
Exploring Health Literacy in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes
Experiencing the Digital Divide

Matthew Averett
Fine & Performing Arts
Poverty and Charity in the Rome of Pope Urban VIII

Helen Chapple
Starting the Conversation: First Steps Toward Articulating and Defining a "Good Death" in Nebraska - Medically, Legally and Interpersonally

Shashank Dravid
Molucular Mechanisms in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Carol Fassbinder-Orth
Effects of Buggy Creek Virus Infection on Avian Bone Development

Deborah Givens
Physical Therapy
Refinement and Testing of the Trunk Reflex Examination Device for the Study of Low Back Pain

Venkatesh Govindarajan
The Biological Role of KRAS Oncogene in Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Beverly Kratcher
Marketing & Management
Ethical Risk Assessment: Determining Ethical Risks in the College of Business

Tracy Leavelle
Pacific Currents and American Empires: Religious and Scientific Awakenings in the Ninteenth Century

Erika Moreno
Political Science
An Effective Instrument or Mere Window Dressing: An Examination of the Ombudsman Office in Latin America

Annemarie Shibata
Combined Nanofabrications for Antiretroviral Pre-exposure Prophylaxis

Patricia Soto
Multi-scale Molecular Modeling of the Interaction of Cellular Prion Protein PrP with Cholesterol Rich Domains in Model Phospholipid Bilayers

David Weber
The 2040 Initiative: Leading the Discussion of America's Changing Demographics and Explaining the Structural and Societal Shifts Expected with the New Face of America

Alvin Wee
Importance of Conducting Routine Oral Cancer Examination by Medical Professionals at Primary Care Clinics in Nebraska

Jonathan Wrubel
Laser-Cooling Atoms: Making the Coldest Stuff in the Universe

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