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In the spring of 2016 Creighton installed one of the first YETI analyzers from Propel Labs, Inc.  The YETI is a 15-color 4-laser benchtop system for analysis (not sorting).  The YETI is easy to use and the software is user friendly and intuitive.  The YETI can handle many of sample formats, from single tubes or racks of tubes to 96-well or 384-well plates.  It is designed to excel at High Throughput Sampling (HTS), running a large number of samples in a modest amount of time.

The YETI has 4 lasers, so it can do a mulltitude of fluorochromes!  The YETI has 4 lasers (violet (407nm), blue (488nm), yellow-green (561nm) and red (640nm)), so it can use a multitude of fluorochromes!  Cick here for a list of fluorochromes available on the YETI, broken down by laser.

YETI Specifications


Four Lasers for Excitation

  • 407nm
  • 488nm
  • 561nm 
  • 640nm

Three Scatter Parameters

  • Forward Scatter (FSC)
  • Side Scatter (SSC)
  • Forward Scatter SPD (Small Particle Detector)

15 Fluorescence Parameters

  • 4 off the violet laser (407nm)
    • 447/60 bp
    • 526/48 bp
    • 615/20 bp
    • 700 lp 
  • 4 off the blue laser (488nm)
    • 525/30 bp
    • 593/46 bp
    • 692/74 bp
    • 750 lp
  •  4 off the yellow-green laser (561nm)
    • 580/23 bp
    • 615/20 bp
    • 692/74 bp
    • 760 lp
  • 3 off the red laser (640nm)
    • 670/30 bp
    • 722/42 bp
    • 760 lp

Integrated Temperature Control

Integrated Quality Control

Integrated Sample Vortex

Volumetric Sample Uptake

High Throughput Sampling (HTS)