IATA Shipping Rules

New Information on Shipping Materials outside the United States

Please be aware that before EH&S can help ship research material to certain locations outside the United States, Research Compliance must complete an export control analysis and approve the shipment.  We will still help you pack and ship your package, but do need the approval before the shipment leaves campus.  Please contact Research Compliance with any questions and plan accordingly to prepare for any shipments.

Shipping regulations as of January 1, 2009

The Official IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations have been adopted.  There are some significant changes that will affect persons shipping diagnostic samples.  These new regulations take effect  January 1, 2009.

Previously the following statement needed to be on boxes with Diagnostic Specimens:
Diagnostic Specimens
Packed in Compliance with IATA
Packing Instruction 650

 The new requirements are as follows:

The following label must be placed on the package and packing instruction 650 must still be met.  (the printing on the sticker can be blue or black)



Please Note:   All shipments with dry ice still require the Class nine labels as before.  EH&S has ordered labels for you to use until box makers stamp their box with this label.  If you have any questions, or to request these new labels,  please call John Baxter at 546-6269