We've collected links on a variety of health and safety topics.  Please explore these informative websites.

Poison control phone number 1-800-222-1222



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Prudent Practices in the Laboratory (1995, National Academy Press)

Biosafety in the Laboratory (1989, National Academy Press)

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (CDC, 5th Edition) pdf

Less is Better Guide to minimizing waste in laboratories pdf

Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories for students (ACS, 7th edition) pdf

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories for faculty (ACS, 7th edition) pdf

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards September 2005


Safety Information

Lab Safety Supply's EZFacts on a variety of safety topics

Information on chemical labeling pdf

Best Glove has a website to help you choose the best gloves for the chemicals you are using.  You can choose your chemicals from a drop-down list, by chemical class, or search using CAS number.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's fact sheets on various topics, including waste minimization, chemical waste, and chemical safety, among others.

The Chemical Reactivity Worksheet.  Determine whether those chemicals you have stored next to each other are going to react poorly, before the explosion.

Shipping Biological Materials pdf The University of New Hampshire has put together a very complete guide to shipping to shipping biological materials, including pictures of proper shipping packages and the right stickers to use.

It's a good idea to reduce the amount of mercury used on campus (and at home!).  The National Institutes of Health's Mercury Free Campaign has lots of good ideas and information for reducing the amount of mercury used. Don't be Mad as a Hatter!

Safety-Nets.  UC-Davis has created white papers on an extensive list of topics.  Got a question about a safety topic?  It's probably covered here.

OSHA/EPA Chemical Database.  Available database reports include: "Physical Properties," "Exposure Guidelines," "NIOSH Pocket Guide," and "Emergency Response Information," including the DOT Emergency Response Guide. In addition, an all-in-one report, "Full Report," is available.

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MSDS Resources

SIRI MSDS Database --you can find the MSDS for pretty much anything here.
The MS-DeMystifier -- helps you understand your MSDS
Understanding the MSDS
Household Products -- for the stuff you may have at home or in your office
MSDS Search

Specific manufacturers
Fisher Scientific
Sigma-Aldrich (need a username and password)
Bio-Rad (Type the product number and "MSDS" into the search field)

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EPA (40CFR) We're in Region 7, based in Kansas City

NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality)

OSHA (29CFR 1910)

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
[Occasionally the sites of the various titles move, so if the links for EPA or OSHA do not work, you can navigate from the CFR site)

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

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Environmental links

CampusERC -- The Campus Environmental Resource Center makes it easier  to learn more about applicable environmental regulations and ensure a safe and sustainable environment for their students, faculty and staff.  Viewers can find out what types of campus activities are regulated by EPA, see how best to comply with environmental regulations, query federal enforcement and compliance data, learn how to apply for federal grants, and e-mail comments to EPA on regulations under development.

Environmental Issues in Healthcare

Healthcare Environmental Resource Center (HERC) -- Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance Information for the Healthcare Industry

HERC Pharmaceuticals waste

Practice Greenhealth -- Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E) is creating a national movement for environmental sustainability in health care.

EPA's Guidance on epinephrine.



Safety Shopping

Lab Safety Supply Pretty much anything you need, safety-wise

New Pig -- absorbents, spill clean-up, etc.

Fisher Scientific -- contact Purchasing for our account # for discounts on items.  THey also offer free shipping when you order, so keep that in mind when shopping for chemicals and supplies.

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Safety Organizations

National Safety Council Greater Omaha Chapter

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

CSHEMA (The Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association)

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Just for Fun

Safety Photo of the Week Usually someone doing something really stupid Safety Humor

Online Conversions -- convert just about any units to any other units.

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Creighton Links

Radiation Safety Office

Research Compliance Office

Sponsored Programs Administration

Risk Management (home of the HR-24 form)

Facilities Management

University Moving Services

Creighton's Energy Awareness Committee -- Energy Siesta, Enviro-Lawn, and more!

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Confused about proper disposal of hazardous wastes at home?  Check out Omaha's new special wastes facility at  This facility  allows you to bring your Household Hazardous Waste (including mercury thermometers, pesticides, paints, aerosol cans, etc.) for free.