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Spring 2017

Posssibly of active shooter training--my sister had it and said it gave them some positive information. My son was a teacher at Millard South when they had there shooter. Just a suggestion.

Active shooter response training is offered through the Department of Public Safety Crime Prevention Officer, Tim Herron.  He regularly provides this training to various groups of students, staff and faculty.  Contact him at 402-280-1805 to schedule training for your organization.

It was pouring raining and I was walking fast from parking lot across the street from Burt to the Hixon Lied Bldg. and almost got hit by car. It needs a STOP sign for cars - or watch for pedestrians crossing sign or something because cars just fly by and the speed bump does not make them stop!!!

The "pedestrian crossing" signs have been put back on Burt Street.

I think yellow blinking lights in addition to the current signage should be put up by the pedestrian walkways on Burt Street (from parking lot to Hixson Lied). I see too many drivers fly right through the crosswalks.

Another observation needs to be done with the speed of traffic on Burt Street outside Hixson Lied/Criss buildings. The yellow crosswalk paintings are basically gone on the speed bumps. Traffic is parked up and down both sides so you have to peak your head and body out in the crosswalk areas to see if traffic is coming. The pedestrian signs are so far off the street that traffic cannot see them. Perhaps there need to be those vibrating markers in the road so slow traffic down. I have had close incidents a couple of times.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

Employees have been standing out smoking on the sidewalk outside of the Health Sciences Bldgs on Burt. Perhaps that is public property but can something be done about it?

Public sidewalks are outside the jurisdiction of Creighton University and our no smoking policy can't be enforced there.  The Department of Public Safety can cite personnel who violate the no smoking policy on campus property.

Increase security measures surrounding the US-75 underpass. Students, faculty, and staff often comment that they do not feel safe passing through this area. An external partner of the University came to campus to visit yesterday, and was yelled at and harassed by (non-CU) individuals congregating in this area as she made her way from BIC to Skutt and back again. This was at 10:30 in the morning. The sense of insecurity and unease only increases at night.

The Department of Public Safety regularly patrols all areas of campus, including the underpasses on both our south and west ends of campus.  If someone experiences harassing or threatening behavior, they should call the Department of Public Safety Dispatcher at 402-280-2911 (emergency) or 402-280-2104 (non-emergency).  Additionally, the University is currently testing a mobile personal safety device which will allow the user to quickly contact the Public Safety Dispatcher through a blue-tooth enabled device.  Pending a successful test this spring, Creighton plans to provide a device to every undergraduate student in the fall.  Graduate and professional students, faculty and staff will be able to purchase the device.
Read more about this new campus safety measure at:

Need to fix the drains in the faculty/staff parking lot between Cuming and Burt Sts. They are sinking in and becoming worse every year. Danger for walking and driving.

The parking lot pavement in the Burt Street/Cumming Street lot between 24th and 27th is so unsafe. The drain grates are sinking in. It's a huge sink hole waiting to happen. It's really unacceptable considering all the money thatis paid toward parking fees for all employees AND students. I'm sure it's not "up to code" if there even is such a thing for pavement standards. I cannot believe that Creighton is letting it get that bad and continue to let it deteriorate. The mall appearance and maintenance is spotless but the safety of thousands in the parking lot doesn't seem to be as top priority.

Facilities Management already has this on their radar for repair.

A middle hand railing is needed for the steps from Burt St to the parking lot by the Center for Health Policy and Ethics. On slick and wet days, it's very unsafe. The part of the step next to the handrail is not always cleared of snow either.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

Replace the wooden stairs doing up to the Old Gym. The Rigge courtyard steps were replaced. It's time for the Old Gym stairs to be replaced.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

Replace the light bulbs on Cass St. south of the soccer stadium. The city needs to do their part also. This is the darkest part of campus and near the reported incidents earlier in the year under the freeway.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

Also, any concerns about the methane (sewer gas) emitted from the manholes east of Harper and Davis and west of 20th St.? Seems like an unhealthy situation for all our apartments, to mention the food preparation and transportation that goes on in Harper.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

And also again, there is not one pedestrian crossing between Dodge and California on 24th, heavily used student pathway from Heider and Kenefick to main campus. A pedestrian accident waiting to happen.

Facilities Management is looking into this.

I suggest that a speed limit of no greater than 20 miles per hour, if not 15 be set in the lanes around the perimeter of the buildings. The signs could be placed on the left hand side where they would be visible.

The street between the law school and the 20th street parking garage often has illegally parked vehicles making coming in and out of the upper parking lot, and the lot under the law library, unsafe. There are often commercial vehicles, such as Sodexo and Company Kitchens vehicles that park - sometimes on both sides of the street - and I have nearly hit some of them in the early morning, coming in before sunrise. I'd suggest enforcement by either campus or Omaha police on the offenders, and discussions to University and Sodexo employees who illegally park there.


Thank you for highlighting this area.  Over the past few months, the Department of Public Safety has worked with our facility managers and vendors to identify areas of our campus where unauthorized parking creates safety issues or impedes University operations.  We first focused our efforts on the dock areas at the Harper Center and along the southern perimeter road west of 24th Street.  We will address the area you have highlighted by working with our vendors to ensure they can safely and effectively deliver their products to the University without impeding traffic or creating safety hazards.


Please move the pedestrian sign that is anchored in the crosswalk on Burt Street right out side of the Criss II building. It is located took close to the curb so that wider vehicles cannot fit through the lane. I understand the sign should be there but it prohibits traffic flow with larger/wider vehicles because the lane is taken up by the expanded sidewalk on the South side. Please rethink this.

This is being investigated by Facilities Management.

Winter 2017

It would be wonderful if the pedestrian walkway signs could be put back up on Burt street when crossing from the parking lot to walk over to Hixon Lied.

This question refers to the signs in the middle of the crosswalks. They are removed in the winter to enable plowing and will be put back in the spring.

Night pedestrian traffic across 24th at California Plaza is not safe. The street lighting is very dim, and pedestrians waiting for traffic to clear are not easily seen by cars, especially those heading north or those that have turned from Cass to head north on 24th. The slight curvature of the street headed north blocks some sightlines, and the shrubs and grasses along the street also block sight of the pedestrians waiting to cross.

Facilities Management is calling the city to discuss this.

1. Replace the pedestrian crossing signs on 20th and 19th street. Or have steep speed bumps installed, traffic does not slow down in front of Harper even tho there is a pedestrian sign on the west side of 20th street, the pedestrian crossing sign is blocked by a bus stop sign.

This is also the city's jurisdiction.

2. Someone is smoking at the back entrance of Harper. There are cigarette butts and ashes on the steps. Maybe a sign that smoking is not allowed on The CU campus, steps are included.

This one was sent to Public Safety and the director of the Harper Center to address.

I suggest the shuttle run through at least 9:30 PM on weeknights as many night classes go through 9 PM

This one was sent to Shuttle Services to address.

Two suggestions: whenever there is a large disparity between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the outer doors of the
Alumni Library building do not close and latch completely. I use my ID card to access the library building on Sundays, and many times one of the doors is being held open by air rushing out from the entry foyer. When someone goes in or out the doors do not latch properly by themselves.

The Energy Management department is addressing this.

The sensors on the automatic doors on the west entrance to
Criss II are not aimed properly. When the building is unlocked, one can almost not avoid triggering the automatic doors when entering or exiting the building... and clearly, the rush of cold air in the winter is not helpful to building comfort. Worse, when using a card to access the building during off hours, triggering the automatic doors creates a security vulnerability. Many times I have seen a second person enter the building because the doors were open, without the need to use their ID to enter. It seems to me that we ought to be able to narrow the zone that triggers the automatic door openers.

The Carpenter shop is addressing this and will remove the automatic door openers so that the doors work like all other handicap-access doors on campus.

PLEASE stop the smokers that stand on the steps leading into the Harper bld. They are rubbing the butts of cigarettes out on the top step and it gets on our shoes when we enter the door by the docks. Its a shame that our beautiful new bldg gets the carpets dirty by careless smokers. I thought they needed to be off campus. They smoke out there every day. It is also a health risk to those of us that do not smoke.

Sent to Public Safety and Harper Center.

Recent work done on the street just to the north of Hixson Lied Health Sciences Building has the speed bump on the south side of the street is close enough to step directly onto the sidewalk. Can you extend the speed bump on the north side of the street the same way so one doesn't have to step into the water/slush to get to the sidewalk?

The smaller, closer gap has caused individuals to trip and twist their ankles; it will be widened on the south end.

help keep us safe from dehydration by installing water bottle filling stations above every water fountain on campus.

As water fountains break, they are replaced with water bottle stations.

help keep us safe from mental and respiratory illnesses by ensuring an increase in plants both indoors and outdoors.

make sure sidewalks ... especially brick have been salted during winter/ pedestrian signs in streets on 20th

1. The Grounds Crew and Facilities' contractors work to ensure that all areas are safe. 

2. This is the city's jurisdiction and they have been called about this issue.

The most treacherous part of my commute this morning was the walk from my car in the Faculty/Staff parking lot between Burt and Cumming St and campus. The stairs up from Cumming street were salted, but the stairs down from the parking lot and the path through the middle of the parking lot were not. Grounds does an amazing job on campus so I don't mean to complain, but this is a common oversight. It would be great if we could get some salt/sand laid down at least along th e pedestrian path (w/ the jersey barriers) through the middle of the parking lot. I don't think grounds realizes this is the walkway that everyone uses to get from their cars to campus!

This was passed along for Facilities Management to take a look at.