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Winter 2017

It would be wonderful if the pedestrian walkway signs could be put back up on Burt street when crossing from the parking lot to walk over to Hixon Lied.

This question refers to the signs in the middle of the crosswalks. They are removed in the winter to enable plowing and will be put back in the spring.

Night pedestrian traffic across 24th at California Plaza is not safe. The street lighting is very dim, and pedestrians waiting for traffic to clear are not easily seen by cars, especially those heading north or those that have turned from Cass to head north on 24th. The slight curvature of the street headed north blocks some sightlines, and the shrubs and grasses along the street also block sight of the pedestrians waiting to cross.

Facilities Management is calling the city to discuss this.

1. Replace the pedestrian crossing signs on 20th and 19th street. Or have steep speed bumps installed, traffic does not slow down in front of Harper even tho there is a pedestrian sign on the west side of 20th street, the pedestrian crossing sign is blocked by a bus stop sign.

This is also the city's jurisdiction.

2. Someone is smoking at the back entrance of Harper. There are cigarette butts and ashes on the steps. Maybe a sign that smoking is not allowed on The CU campus, steps are included.

This one was sent to Public Safety and the director of the Harper Center to address.

I suggest the shuttle run through at least 9:30 PM on weeknights as many night classes go through 9 PM

This one was sent to Shuttle Services to address.

Two suggestions: whenever there is a large disparity between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the outer doors of the
Alumni Library building do not close and latch completely. I use my ID card to access the library building on Sundays, and many times one of the doors is being held open by air rushing out from the entry foyer. When someone goes in or out the doors do not latch properly by themselves.

The Energy Management department is addressing this.

The sensors on the automatic doors on the west entrance to
Criss II are not aimed properly. When the building is unlocked, one can almost not avoid triggering the automatic doors when entering or exiting the building... and clearly, the rush of cold air in the winter is not helpful to building comfort. Worse, when using a card to access the building during off hours, triggering the automatic doors creates a security vulnerability. Many times I have seen a second person enter the building because the doors were open, without the need to use their ID to enter. It seems to me that we ought to be able to narrow the zone that triggers the automatic door openers.

The Carpenter shop is addressing this and will remove the automatic door openers so that the doors work like all other handicap-access doors on campus.

PLEASE stop the smokers that stand on the steps leading into the Harper bld. They are rubbing the butts of cigarettes out on the top step and it gets on our shoes when we enter the door by the docks. Its a shame that our beautiful new bldg gets the carpets dirty by careless smokers. I thought they needed to be off campus. They smoke out there every day. It is also a health risk to those of us that do not smoke.

Sent to Public Safety and Harper Center.

Recent work done on the street just to the north of Hixson Lied Health Sciences Building has the speed bump on the south side of the street is close enough to step directly onto the sidewalk. Can you extend the speed bump on the north side of the street the same way so one doesn't have to step into the water/slush to get to the sidewalk?

The smaller, closer gap has caused individuals to trip and twist their ankles; it will be widened on the south end.

help keep us safe from dehydration by installing water bottle filling stations above every water fountain on campus.

As water fountains break, they are replaced with water bottle stations.

help keep us safe from mental and respiratory illnesses by ensuring an increase in plants both indoors and outdoors.

make sure sidewalks ... especially brick have been salted during winter/ pedestrian signs in streets on 20th

1. The Grounds Crew and Facilities' contractors work to ensure that all areas are safe. 

2. This is the city's jurisdiction and they have been called about this issue.

The most treacherous part of my commute this morning was the walk from my car in the Faculty/Staff parking lot between Burt and Cumming St and campus. The stairs up from Cumming street were salted, but the stairs down from the parking lot and the path through the middle of the parking lot were not. Grounds does an amazing job on campus so I don't mean to complain, but this is a common oversight. It would be great if we could get some salt/sand laid down at least along th e pedestrian path (w/ the jersey barriers) through the middle of the parking lot. I don't think grounds realizes this is the walkway that everyone uses to get from their cars to campus!

This was passed along for Facilities Management to take a look at.

Previous questions will be listed here, with answers where appropriate. Thank you for submitting your suggestions!

Summer 2016

Hello! It'd be great if the emergency alarm/phone button on the second floor of the 20th street garage could be repaired. It's had a sign saying out of order for many, many months now. Not doing much good if it's broken! Thanks!

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management and Public Safety for follow up.

I'm new here so my verbiage might not be quite descriptive enough to give you an accurate picture of what I have in mind. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information. I enter and exit the Criss II building on the north side by the dock. It's the door at the top of the ramp. There's a wall just east of the door - segmenting the dock area off from this door. I'm paranoid, but I feel like there could be someone lurking there as I leave and there wouldn't be much I could do about it once they were visible to me. I think one of those bubble mirrors anchored up on the building so a person leaving could see the dock area might be helpful. Thank you.

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management and Public Safety for follow up. The commenter left a name and will be contacted.

safety suggestion 1:
trim the high grass that obscures pedestrian view of northbound traffic at the corner of 24 and california

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management for followup.

safety suggestion 2:
lights for the soccer parking lot south of the soccer stadium along cass st

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management for followup.

safety suggestion 3:
repair gaping holes in the pavement (where cement meets brick) from McGloin Hall to Harper Hall

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management for followup. It should be noted that Facilities has a budget for concrete and asphalt repair and will be pursuing these repairs through the fall.

Many times cars do not stop for students using the cross walks (e.g. 24th and Florence Blvd). I've many times seen students assume the cars will stop, and I'm concerned that because of this, someone may get hit. Can the city put signs at those locations warning cars that they should stop for pedestrians? Thanks!

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management and Public Safety for followup. The commenter left a name and will be contacted.

The current closure of Burt puts bicycle traffic on the Cuming St. sidewalks and for some reason those drivers are TERRIBLE about yielding to bikes going through the intersection on 24th street. Drivers looking to make a right turn off 24th st go ahead without even looking at sidewalk traffic. I've been nearly hit twice. Can we have a bike path thru the parking lot then back to Burt west of 24th?

The closure of Burt Street is temporary, with an expected opening of August 1. Bicyclists are encouraged to turn the corner at 24th Street and continue north on the sidewalk. Commenter has been contacted regarding these concerns.

Safety traffic mirrors would be good for those backing out onto Whareham Parkway, from the designated student parking spots. I was driving down on a rain day, not going fast, but a student could not see me coming because a bigger car was blocking her view. I had to slam on my breaks and barley missed the concrete barriers. You can't see the cars coming down the road and it's dangerous. Also, it would be good to have security to get in the doors of the building and to perhaps have a manned designated area for deliveries. With all that is going on, there should be more security for employees and anyone can leave a package at the back dock without anyone noticing.

Suggestion sent to Facilities Management and Public Safety for followup.

I work on the Humanities building and it has always concerned me that anyone can access all the doors to the building any time during work hours. Much of the building is not used and someone who shouldn't be in here would go unnoticed. I realized that it seems no one has come in that isn't supposed to, at least not that I've heard of. This is just something I've wondered about.

Suggestion sent to Public Safety and the Crisis Committee for followup.

Please trim the trees over the sidewalk in front of the Criss I and Criss II buildings. It's difficult to walk having to duck all the time.

Work order turned in and trees have been trimmed.

It would be helpful to know what ideas have been implemented. This will give people an indication of the types of things you are looking for, and will also let those who submit know if their suggestion was pursued.

Done. Also, please remember that you can receive an answer by putting your name on the form.

Please fix sidewalks, curbs and stairs. Roping off stairs does nothing to fix them. The stairs near Eppley have been roped off for over a year now. If your hands are full and you cannot see the sidewalk or curb, these crumbling messes are a disaster and people can fall and hurt themselves.

From Teresa Bohnet, Facilities Management: "The Rigge courtyard stairs are on the repair list and it looks like it will be fall break when the work is done. 

There is an alternate set of steps just to the south of the stairs in question.  It leads to the sidewalk between Hitchcock and Humanities.  That sidewalk will take you to the courtyard between Humanities and Rigge."

Periodically, email the quality and tested information about the deionized/distilled water supplied to all labs. Maybe once a week is best.

Forwarded to Facilities Management for response; this requester supplied their contact information.