Lab Safety for New Employees/Students

Lab Safety for New Personnel

Lab Training for New Personnel is for faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who are new to Creighton, regardless of the training they received at prior institutions.  (33 minutes)

Hazard Communications (formerly GHS) is required by OSHA for everyone that is in contact with chemicals in the workplace. This includes laboratory personnel, administrators, Facilities Management employees, delivery personnel, etc. Anyone who enters a lab for any reason must complete this training.

All lab workers that are not Radiation workers must also watch the Radiation Safety for Non-Radiation Workers video and take the quiz (15 minutes).

Volunteers in the lab and their supervisors should follow the instructions on the Laboratory Volunteers page.

Please contact Mary Duda or John Baxter with any questions related to the content of the training. Contact Research Compliance for questions on whether/when you or your students/employees have completed training.