Radiation Safety Committee

Radiation Safety

Creighton University is guided by state and federal regulations governing safe use, transportation, and disposal of radioactive materials, radiation-generating equipment, and lasers. The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) reviews and approves the use of radioactive materials for clinical, research, and educational purposes. It represents Creighton in regulatory matters with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Regulation and Licensure. The Radiation Safety Office ensures appropriate training of personnel, monitors personnel exposure to radiation, and documents use of radioactive materials and radiation-generating equipment according to regulations, and reports this information to the RSC. The Radiation Safety Office also oversees appropriate handling and disposal of radioactive waste. 

It is the responsibility of the Authorized User to initiate a review and seek approval from the RSC prior to using radioactive materials for clinical, research, or educational purposes. Those using radiation-generating equipment or lasers must first notify the Radiation Safety Office to register the equipment and to ensure proper personnel badging. It is the responsibility of the Authorized User to seek approval from the RDRC prior to initiating research that involves exposure of human subjects to radioactive drugs. An Investigator who will be exposing human subjects to any radiation beyond what is clinically standard in a research protocol must obtain approval from the RSC.