The Office of the IRB has released IRBNet, an electronic IRB submission system and study management system, on July 1, 2014. The Main and Branch Campuses research community that have on-going or brand new human subjects research must use IRBNet to submit all submissions.

See attached FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Statement about electronic signatures here

Benefits of IRBNet:

  • On-demand status updates - having a centralized system will help make the review process more transparent
  • Easy access to IRB documents - all IRB documents will be conveniently available in the same place, even for different projects
  • View project history - the system stores document histories so that the investigator and the IRB can see changes to documents over the course of the project
  • Keep track of deadlines - IRB deadlines across studies can be easily viewed to help the investigator stay compliant

Note: All forms and templates for submissions are found in IRBNet in the Documents Library.

IRBNet Registration Instructions

IRBNet User Guide for Researchers (step-by-step instructions on how to submit through IRBNet)

IRBNet Review Statuses

IRBNet uses the following terms to denote the status of studies submitted for review.

Acknowledged: The committee or office acknowledges the receipt of the information.

Approved: The submission has been approved.

Exempt: The submission is exempt from review in accordance with federal regulations.

Modifications Required: The committee requires changes to the submission to secure approval.

Pending Review: The submission is awaiting committee review. N

Not Human Subjects Research: The committee has determined this project does not meet the definition of "research" under the committee's purview.

The project can be managed and edited without generating a new IRBNet ID number. Researchers will be updated on the review status of their submission through an e-mail notification generated through IRBNet.