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R25 Webviewer De-Activation Announcement

Please note that the current R25 Webviewer that is used to view space availability on campus and to see when and where events are taking place on campus will be de-activated on Monday, March 9th.

The R25 Webviewer is being replaced with 25Live. 25Live is a part of the new 25Live Event Scheduling system used by various scheduling offices at Creighton University.

Tutorials on how to navigate 25Live will be posted on the Centralized Reservations website at a later date. At this time click below to view instructions on navigating 25Live

Navigating 25Live

It is important to note that at this time faculty/staff and student organizations do NOT have access to log into the 25Live Event Scheduling System. However, faculty/staff and student organizations may look up space availability without log-in credentials.

Any questions regarding the 25Live Project may be directed to:


Student Organizations that have registered with the Student Activities Office may make reservations for events by contacting the Centralized Reservations Office. Rooms are available for you to reserve when they are not being used for an academic course or a University Event.


  • You MUST be registered with the Student Activities Office to make space reservations
  • As part of the annual registration process you must provide the Student Activities Office with the name of two organization members who will be responsible for making all reservations for your organization for their term in office. The Student Activities Office will share this information with the Centralized Reservations Office.
  • Please read the Centralized Reservations Policy and Event Guide to be aware of all reservation policies
  • Sodexo (University Dining and Catering) is the exclusive provider of food on Creighton's campus. All food/beverages for events must be purchased from Sodexo. Violation of Creighton's Food Exclusivity Policy will result in charges.
  • Academic spaces cannot be reserved until all academic classes have been scheduled and spaces have been released by the Registrar's Office
  • Centralized Reservations will make every attempt to honor all room preferences for events.  Please note that Centralized Reservations may need to move your event to a more appropriate space based on the size and nature of the event.
  • Please note that Centralized Reservations does not provide AV/Technology equipment or support within classroom spaces. Any AV/Technology needs will need to be communicated to DoIT Classroom Support by the client.



To make a reservation, please follow the steps below:
1. Be registered with the Student Activities Office
2. Check space availability by visiting 25Live to see where you can possibly host your event on campus; AND
3. Fill out a Centralized Reservations Request Form and send in the completed form to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers to use when opening and submitting the Centralized Reservations Form. To ensure processing, please do not send requests to individual staff members; OR
4. Make a reservation in person
5. For all last minute reservations (less than 24 hours) you must contact the Centralized Reservations Office at (402) 280-1493

*Please allow 24 hours of processing for all requests. Please do not send in multiple requests for the same event. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email with your confirmed reservation reference number.

*If you need to make a reservation for Outdoor Spaces, excluding athletic facilities, across campus please use this form: Outdoor Reservation Request



Our team is ready to assist you with reserving space for your event in the following spaces:

         Academic Spaces

         Other Reservable Spaces