About SAC

The Creighton University Staff Advisory Council serves as an advocate for University staff members (classification E-M staff positions). The Council is committed to fairness, justice and respect in a quality work environment in accordance with the Mission of Creighton University.

SAC shall advise the President in matters affecting the general welfare and working conditions of all members of the staff. The Council shall serve as a channel for better communication between the staff and the administration.

Subcommittees are responsible for various events and activities.

  • Staff Relations subcommittee organizes the Town Hall meetings and the SACsational Deals program. 
  • Standing Rules subcommittee supports the governance of SAC
  • Staff Service subcommittee organizes annual service events for all campus community members: All Campus Food Drive, Salvation Army's back to school campaign, Toilet paper drive in spring, and ad hoc projects.
  • Nominating committee holds SAC elections, Presidential Committee Appointments, and organizes our Rookie of the Year Award each spring.

REPRESENTATIVES - Chart of Representation
Elected by the staff in the appropriate Vice Presidential areas to serve a three-year term. 


Held on the second Thursday of each month and on call of the chair.