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January 2008



Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2008

1:00 – 3:00 PM

CU Cardiac Center - Large Conference Room

 Present:  Darin Boudreau, Theresa Conway, Cindy Hall, Carol Krajicek, Jami Monico, Toni Parsley, Deborah Russell, Mariah Starling, Colleen Warin, Anton Weber, Karen Wise, and Julie Zabrowski.  Absent:  Lisa Chipps, John Schwede, Tom Thibodeau, and Theresa Thurin.

Reflection- Karen Wise offered the reflection

Approval of December minutes – Approved with changes. 


Treasurer:   Karen Wise distributed the Treasurer’s report and noted that there are currently two items pending for payment. 

Subcommittee Reports

Issues –  Carol reported that an issue was brought to her attention.  After discussion, it was recommended that Carol follow-up on the issue and give an update at the next SAC meeting.

Nominating – No report.

Staff Relations –   Darin report that approximately 600 free SAC sponsored tickets were issued for the men’s basketball game.  Free SAC sponsored tickets will be available for the women’s basketball game on Saturday, January 12.  Tip-off is set for 2:05 p.m.

The Town Hall meeting will be scheduled for March 13, 2008 and the Staff Relations Subcommittee members will coordinate this event.  The Town Hall meeting will be publicized at the Spring Break luncheon and Jami Monico has agreed to create a brochure announcing the Town Hall meeting.  

The Rookie of the Year award will be given out at the Spring Break Luncheon and an announcement will be sent shortly for nominations.  Nominations will be online and the nomination period will be from January 21st through February 1st.  An email announcement requesting nominations will be sent to the custaff listserv.

Staff Service -   Carol made arrangements to have the Christmas card and donation delivered to the family that SAC adopted for Holiday Spirit project.    Carol will contact Sienna Francis House to make arrangements for SAC’s spring service project.    Carol was contacted by Ken Reed-Bouley about the Project Homeless Connect Omaha event that will be held on campus in April.  They are in need of volunteers.  Carol will ask Ken to come to a Staff Advisory Meeting and give us more information. 

Standing Rules –   Darin Boudreau, Karen Wise and Theresa Thurin will be working on the changes to the Standing Rules.

Martin Luther King Day Committee –  Mariah asked for volunteers to help with the breakfast on campus for MLK Day.  She needs volunteers from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. on the day of the event, which is January 22, 2008.  Joan Lanahan has also requested SAC volunteers for that day.

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee – No report.

Chairperson:  PAB meeting reports.   The President’s Advisory Board has not met since the last SAC meeting.  No report.

New Business:            Colleen Warin reported that Father Schlegel is interested in inviting staff members to join him for either breakfast or lunch information meetings.  Father currently holds meetings of this type with students and faculty during the academic year.  Colleen will check Father’s calendar and get two or three sessions scheduled during the 2008 spring semester.  Staff members will be randomly selected and invited to join Father at one of these meetings. 

Old Business:

Supporting Financial Advisory Committee Requests –   The next meeting of this Committee is January 23, 2008.  Any additional requests should be sent to Sandy Fischer.

Specific Child Development Center Donation.  The Center sent a thank you to the Staff Advisory Council for the auction items donated to the December luncheon and auction.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 14 at 1:00 p.m. in Skutt Student Center, Room 104.

Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Zabrowski



February 2008



Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2008

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Skutt Student Center, Room 104

Present:  Darin Boudreau, Lisa Chipps, Theresa Conway, Cindy Hall, Toni Parsley, Deborah Russell, Mariah Starling, Tom Thibodeau, Theresa Thurin, Colleen Warin, Anton Weber, and Julie Zabrowski.  Absent: Carol Krajicek, Jami Monico, John Schwede, and Karen Wise.

Reflection- Deborah Russell offered the reflection.

Approval of December minutes – Approved as submitted. 


Treasurer:   Darin reported for Karen Wise who was unable to attend the meeting.  Darin distributed the Treasurer’s report and noted that there are currently two items pending for payment – charges for SAC name badges and reimbursement to Theresa Thurin for Child Care Center gift. 

Subcommittee Reports

Issues –  Carol was unable to attend the meeting.  Toni Parsley reported that there have been a few issues with Coventry.  These issues are being addressed.

Nominating –  SAC voted on a replacement for Andrea Batten on the Status of Women Committee.   

Staff Relations –   Town Hall meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2008 and the meeting will be videotaped for staff members who are unable to attend the meeting.  SAC members voted for the Rookie of the Year Award.  The winner will be announced at the Annual “We Need a Spring Break Too” Luncheon. 

Staff Service -   The Project Homeless Connect will be held on April 11, 2008 here on the CU campus.  Between 200-300 volunteers will be needed for the day-long event.  Students and staff will be able to volunteer for 2-3 hour shifts.  More information will be distributed via JayNet.

Standing Rules –   No report.

Martin Luther King Day Committee –  Mariah stated the Committee met last week and that the Committee will now start having meetings from January to January in order to find ways to reach out to students and the community to plan events.

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee – No report.

Chairperson:  PAB meeting reports.   It was reported that at the President’s Advisory Board meeting that the University will seek bids for the healthcare plan and that the Retirement Committee is moving forward and developing a website to enable faculty and staff to see the latest information as the Committee’s work progresses.

New Business

Name Badges:  Darin distributed name badges to those SAC members who had requested one. 

Best Places to Work Action Teams:  There are two action teams:  1) Value of Employees and 2) Communication.  Theresa Conway will serve on the Value of Employees team. 

Lunches with Father:  Father Schlegel has lunch with ten staff members on February 28, 2008.   

Old Business: 

Supporting Financial Advisory Committee Requests –   It was mentioned that the issue of cost at the Kiewit Fitness Center should be addressed regarding lower cost for faculty and staff. 

Specific Child Development Center Donation.  It was noted that the Center is currently understaffed.  The Center’s Assistant Director left the University for another position.  It was decided that SAC will wait until Spring to decide on the donation to the Center.  

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 10 at 1:00 p.m. in Skutt Student Center, Room 104. 

Respectfully Submitted,  

Julie Zabrowski


April 2008



Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2008

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Skutt Student Center, Room 104

Present:  Darin Boudreau, Lisa Chipps, Theresa Conway, Cindy Hall, Carol Krajicek, Jami Monico, Toni Parsley, Deborah Russell, Tom Thibodeau, Theresa Thurin, Colleen Warin, Anton Weber, Karen Wise and Julie Zabrowski.  Absent:  Mariah Starling, John Schwede

Reflection-  Darin offered the reflection.

Special Guest:  Father Schlegel met with the Committee today and provided an update on strategic planning for the University.  Father noted that a priority has been put on faculty/staff development.  Father also stated that three programs will be offering online degrees beginning this fall and that on the construction front the Harper Center is on track for opening in late summer. 

Approval of February minutes – Approved as submitted. 


Treasurer:   Karen Wise provided the Committee with the Treasurer’s report.  There are two pending items. 

Subcommittee Reports

Issues – Carol reported on four issues that have come to her attention.  She will follow-up on these issues. 

Nominating – It was noted that this subcommittee is meeting today to discuss annual elections.  Terms will be ending in August for five members of SAC.  A report will be provided at the next meeting.

Staff Relations –   It was noted that the Town Hall Meeting has received positive feedback.  All in all it was a great event for staff.

Staff Service -   The Community event for the homeless is being held on Creighton’s campus on Friday, April 11.  Over 300 volunteers have been recruited for the event that expects to serve 500-600 individuals.

Standing Rules –   No report.

Martin Luther King Day Committee –  No report.

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee – No report.

Chairperson:  Darin reported on the Strategic Planning Retreat that he attended last week with Father Schlegel, the Vice Presidents, Deans and other members of the University.  He noted that Lennis Pederson spoke to the University having a “sustainable” campus.  It was decided to invite Lennis to a SAC meeting to discuss this.   Darin also noted that there will be a campus power outage in early May.  More information will be coming out on what buildings; departments will be effected by this power outage.  The Retirement Committee will be holding two information meetings in April and May.  Please encourage staff to attend one of these meetings.

New Business

Approve 2006-07 Annual Report:  Darin noted that this report was presented to the Academic Council.  The report was approved as written.

Lunches with Father Schlegel:  Darin noted that there has been positive feedback from the February event with Father.  The next lunch is scheduled for April 22 and will be held at Irma’s.

CU Alert:  It was noted that the CU Alert system can be designed to be department specific.

Heart Walk:  Darin asked that SAC members encourage employees to sign up for this walk.

Old Business:

Health Plan updates from last meeting discussion –   No new updates.  However, it was noted that employees can email benefits@creighton.edu with specific concerns/questions.

Specific Child Development Center Donation.  No update.

Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, May 8 at 1:00 p.m. in Cardiac Center.

Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Zabrowski



May 2008

Staff Advisory Council Meeting

May 8, 2008, 12:30 p.m., Academic Learning Center, Athletic Department

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Chair Darin Boudreau

Present: Darin Boudreau, Lisa Chipps, Theresa Conway, Carol Krajicek, Jami Monico, Toni Parsley, Deb Russell, Tom Thibodeau, Theresa Thurin, Colleen Warin

Reflection: Theresa Thurin

Approval of Minutes: April minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report: A copy of the Treasurer’s report was circulated for members’ information. The committee discussed postponement of a donation to the Child Care Center until construction begins on the new nature center.

Subcommittee Reports:

Issues:  Carol K. reported on the latest “Best Place to Work” focus group activities.  She shared the focus group “hot topics” with SAC members, and discussed the formation of a Valuing Employees Action Team.

Darin B. discussed the work of the Communication Action Team. The group has identified several core issues to focus on:  benefits/HR, strategic plan, operational updates, improvement of intra-unit communication.  The Action Team is now split into sub-groups which will focus on each of these core issues.

Nominations: Upcoming SAC elections were discussed.

Staff Relations: No report at this time.

Staff Service: The group discussed the needs of one particular staff member who had recently experienced a life crisis. SAC members agreed to explore the possibility of setting up an assistance fund at the Creighton Federal Credit Union. Theresa Thurin and Karen Wise will coordinate this.

The group also discussed the possibility of a summer softball game for employees.  Carol K. spoke with Mark Simanek, who indicated he had helped organized such an event in past years.  SAC members were enthusiastic about pursuing the possibility of a game this summer.

Martin Luther King Day: No report at this time

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee:

Chairperson’s Report:  No report at this time

New Business: None

Old Business: None

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: Theresa Thurin

June 2008

Creighton University

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2008

1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Skutt Student Center, Room 104

Present:  Darin Boudreau, Lisa Chipps, Carol Krajicek, Theresa Conway, Theresa Thurin,* Jan Schnack, Cindy Hall, Jami Monico, Tom Thibodeau, Karen Wise, Deborah Russell, Mariah Starling, Toni Parsley.

Absent:  Colleen Warin, John Schwede and Julie Zabrowski

*Note:  Jan Schnack is replacing Anton Weber.  She is from the School of Nursing and will be serving two years.

Introductions were made for Jan’s benefit.

Reflection – Toni Parsley offered the reflection.

Approval of May minutes – Approved as submitted.

Membership update – Darin Boudreau, Carol Krajicek, Cindy Hall and Karen Wise will finish their term this year.  Colleen Warin will still be the President’s appointee.


Treasurer: One item that has not cleared-the tape recorder.  Once it clears, the balance for the year will be $878.60.

Subcommittee Reports

Issues – Carol made the comment that we only spent half of what we had for the year.  Maybe        next year, we could spend more money for publicizing so that we can get the word out about SAC.  Because we are not a participant at the Benefit Fair, maybe we can find another venue and include other services (i.e. shuttle services, card services, etc.)  Possibly do another Town Hall meeting to bring light to other vendor offerings.  Solicit for prize drawings.  Do it close to nominations to make constituents more aware of SAC and what we offer.  Maybe have tables set up in the hallway.  We could think about having it at CUMC. 

In prior years, a large part of the budget was spent on paper nomination forms.  Now that they are done on-line, maybe we could use some of the money saved as a donation, or printing up pens to hand out. 

Dress Code - No University wide dress code.  Each VP area sets their own. 

Nominating – Talked about getting together with a new member as a mentor to initiate the new member to let them know what we do.  Brought to a vote, Theresa moved to use SAC funds to provide lunch with the member and the new member as part of the orientation process. 

Deborah seconded.

Motion passed.

SAC Elections – New members voted in:

Academic Affairs – Taunya Plater

General Counsel/Pres. Office – Annette Thomas

School of Dentistry – Karen Farias

School of Medicine – Joanne Wilde and Celeste Hubbard

All nominees were listed on the website.

Theresa will add supervisor’s names to spreadsheets.  Next meeting we will discuss nominations.

Room 104 is reserved for SAC meetings for the next year.  Connie Aliano took care of that.

Staff Relations – Survey will be done in another week.  Shooting for 1,000 responses.  819 employees have taken it.  Two of the paper copies out of 125 that were distributed were returned.  70.5% have taken advantage of development classes.  Jami is now a member of Best Places to Work committee.  DoIT is working on offering software classes.  Jami will give information to Kathy Custard who will present it to the Cabinet. 

Staff Service – Helping a CU employee – Karen and Theresa T. went to CU Federal Credit Union to close out account for Bob O’Keefe.  $910 was collected.  We should consider doing more of this.  Karen will take the money to Mark Simanek to present to Bob.  Matt Hill was very helpful and the Credit Union made a donation.  His grandchildren are now at home and recovering.   Have Bob send out a thank you to the Creighton community.

Standing Rules – No report.

Martin Luther King Committee – No report.

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee – “Bike to Work Program” – Opening up showers and lockers for the bikers for the summer.  Access to walking track – Theresa T. went on the website to find out where employees could use the track.  Found no information.  We need to present to the Benefits Committee so that they can present it to Wayne Morford.

Chair Report – The President’s Committee is done for the year.  There will be 66 slots in the parking lot north of the Harper Center available to use.  New Ryan Building – the city may install parking meters on the street in the future.

New Business –

·         Tobacco Free on July 1st.  Classes are being offered to go tobacco free.

·         New Representative for Retirement Plan Transition Team – will contact Susan Reeves to see if we need representation on the Oversight Committee.

·         Final Reports for President Schlegel – will work on this.

Old Business –

·         Willing to Lead Campaign – New campaign call “Blue, White and You”.  Lisa Calvert will attend the July meeting to discuss

·         Best Places to Work Action Teams –

o   Communications Committee - Working on a communications draft on how to have better communication campus wide.  Initiatives will be going to the Cabinet. 

o   Valuing Employees Committee – no report.

·                     Strategic Planning Report - Was put out to the University at the end of June.  Darin will e-mail it to SAC members.

·                     Specific Child Development Center donation – no report.

Election of officers – Nominations were taken by Theresa T.  Elections were held and the results are as following:

Chair                -           Theresa Thurin           

Co-Chair          -           Jami Monico

Secretary          -           Toni Parsley

Treasurer         -           Deborah Russell


Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday,

July 10, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. at the Cardiac Center in the large conference room.

Respectfully Submitted,

Toni Parsley

Standing in for Julie Zabrowski

July 2008

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Members present:  Darin Boudreau, Lisa Chipps, Theresa Conway, Linda Dunn, Cindy Hall, Carol Krajicek, Jami Monico, Toni Parsley, Deb Russell, Jan Schnack, Tom Thibodeau, Theresa Thurin, Coleen Warin, Karen Wise

Absent: John Schwede, Mariah Starling

Reflection – Linda Dunn

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the June meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Karen Wise provided an updated treasurer’s report. 

Subcommittee Reports:

Issues - Nothing to report.

Nominations - the Committee voted on membership to Presidential Committees for 2008 through 2011. The results were:

            Joan Kowalski – Benefits Committee

David DenBeste – Financial Advisory Committee

            Julie Fox – Honor and Events Planning

Laura Mann – Grievance Committee

Staff Relations – Nothing to report.

Staff Service – Nothing to report.

New Business:

Membership Update:  It was reported that SAC received permission to retain Jami Monico as a representative for Health Sciences/School of Medicine. Jami transferred to Graduate Studies after both member and officer elections took place.  Given her efforts on behalf of staff, the Council and the President’s Office endorsed her continued service.

The Council also discussed the possibility of replacing member John Schwede, who has been unable to attend meetings. The Council agreed that John would be contacted and given the opportunity to attend our next meeting, or ultimately be replaced by the runner-up nominee from the same constituent area.

            Guest presenter:  Lisa Calvert, VP for University Relations

Ms. Calvert helped clarify the differences among fundraising efforts, Blue, White & You, New Blue and Willing to Lead.  Council members shared with Ms. Calvert the perceived the impact and effectiveness of the ongoing fundraising efforts targeted at employees.

Guest presenters: Janel Allen, Kathy Custard, Human Resources

Ms. Caruso and Ms. Caruso shared with the Council several draft policy revisions as well as two new policies. Drafts of the a proposed Flexible Work Schedule Policy and Internal Posting & Transfer Policy were circulated, along with revised policies on Reduction in Force and Unschedule Absences & Tardiness policies.  The Council was asked to provide feedback on each document.

These guests also discussed organizational changes in HR intended to help streamline customer service, employee access to HR, and conflict resolution.

Old  Business:

Darin Boudreau provided an update on the rollout of the Tobacco-free campus policy in July.

Darin also reported that the Strategic Planning Report should be accessible to the Creighton community sometime in August.   A report was being presented to the Cabinet on the results of the Strategic Planning retreat in April and that Creighton employees would have a chance to see it and comment on it probably sometime in August.

Adjournment: the meeting adjourned at3:30 p.m.

August 2008

Staff Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

University College, Room B-11 

Members present:  Theresa Conway, Karen Farias, Celeste Hubbard, Jami Monico, Toni Parsley, Taunya Plater , Deb Russell, Jan Schnack, Tom Thibodeau, Annette Thomas, Theresa Thurin, Colleen Warin, JoAnn Wilde, Julie Zabrowski

Absent:  Lisa Chipps, John Schwede, Mariah Starling

Reflection – Toni Parsley

Volunteers for reflection for future meetings – List passed around for sign-ups and Theresa forwarded the list to all the members.

Member Introductions – All members introduced themselves.  New members were welcomed.

Approval of July Minutes – Some corrections had to be made.  Theresa T. will correct and send out to the group.  Moved to approve after corrections by Theresa Conway, seconded by Jami Monico.


Treasurer – Deb Russell provided the updated treasurer’s report.  Deb reported that she has completed Banner training.  She asked for receipts from new member lunches.  Our annual allotment of $1,500 has been added.  Theresa T. has asked us to come up with new ideas on spending our money.

Martin Luther King Day Committee – Mariah Starling was not present to report.

Kiewit Fitness Center Advisory Committee – Tom Thibodeau – Nothing to report.

New Business

Town Hall Meetings – Last year we had our very first one in April.  Start now on organizing at least one and maybe two for the coming year.  This falls under Staff Relations subcommittee. We will use existing meeting dates for these sessions. The Council is looking at December 11 as a possible first Town Hall Meeting date to be held at CUMC.

Campus Planning Committee appointee – A list of possible appointees was distributed and reviewed.  It was proposed that this list be forwarded to the President’s Office for the selection process.

SAC Website – Jami M. and Theresa T. met with reps from DOiT to discuss re-designing the SAC website.  Jami has a release if anyone wants to submit pictures to put on the site.  Update the “Issues” page to be more user friendly.  Theresa T. suggested that all the members go out on the website and look it over.  Jami would welcome any comments or suggestions at our next meeting. If anyone has any, she requested that we e-mail them to her.

Communicating with Constituents – Jami M. asked if there was a way for each member to have a constituent list serve that updated automatically.  Toni said that she would contact Joe Ducharme from DoIT to find out is this is possible.

Sub-Committee Sign-ups – The list was passed around for sub-committees.  Following are the results:

Standing Rules – Chair – Jami Monico.  Members – Theresa Conway, Taunya Plater, Theresa Thurin

Staff Relations – Chair – Toni Parsley.  Members – Jami Monico, Taunya Plater, Jan Schnack, Annette Thomas

Issues – Chair – Jami Monico.  Members – Toni Parsley, Annette Thomas, JoAnn Wilde

Nominating – Chair – Theresa Conway.  Members – Karen Farias, Deb Russell, Tom Thibodeau

Staff Service – Chair – Deb Russell.  Members – Celeste Hubbard, Tom Thibodeau, JoAnn Wilde

Each sub-committee should meet on a quarterly basis, except for Issues which should meet once a month.

Future Guest Speakers – Theresa has booked speakers up through the November meeting.  Members were asked to formulate questions for the speakers and to suggest more possible guests to be invited.   Other possibilities are Christine Krin (Sodexho), Jeff Branstetter, Bill Hill, Connie Aliano, Dan Burkey.

Theresa will contact H.R. to talk about benefits for our September meeting.

SAC Spring Retreat – Jami M. proposed reinstituting the SAC Spring Retreat. Theresa T. voiced some concern about cost.  The Council agreed to consider a cap on the amount to be spent and consider a spring retreat once again.  Members were asked to come up with some ideas and bring them to the next meeting.

Old Business

Tobacco Free Campus – Nothing to report.

Specific Child Development Center Donation – The Council approved a donation in the amount of $350 towards the RCDC Nature Classroom. Theresa T. will pursue.

Other Items

Fr. Schlegel will be hosting two lunches per semester for staff members.  Toni will provide Theresa with a list and she will do a random drawing of names.

Discussion of frequently absent member – By-laws say that a member who misses more than three meetings in a row can be asked to step down and a new member can be asked to be on the committee.  Theresa will notify current member of our intention to pursue a replacement.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 11, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. in Room 104 of the Skutt Student Center.

Respectfully submitted
Toni Parsley

September 2008

Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes
Thursday, September 11, 2008
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Skutt Student Center, Room 104

Members  Present:  Theresa Thurin, Jami Monico, Deborah Russell, Toni Parsley, Taunya Plater, Karen Farias, JoAnn Wilde, Theresa Conway, Jan Schnack,  Annette Thomas, Celeste Hubbard, Colleen Warin

Absent:  Lisa Chipps, Mariah Starling, Julie Zabrowski, Tom Thibodeau

Reflection – Given by Theresa T. for Tom Thibodeau

Approval of August Minutes – Moved to approve by Taunya Plater, seconded by Theresa Conway

Guest Speakers:

Jeff Branstetter – Executive Director of Human Resources – Jeff came to the meeting to give a Benefits update.  There will be vendor changes to both the Health and Dental plans.  Our new health insurance vendor will be United Healthcare and the new dental vendor will be Met Life.  One of the main focuses was that there will be no plan design or premium changes to the Health plan. 

There will be changes to the dental plan in that we will be offering three plan designs and some new features.  Some of the changes include in-network preventative care, annual benefits will be increased to $1,500 and coverage for child orthodontia will be added.  The three plan designs will be:

1.)     Preventative only – free to employee only

2.)    Basic coverage – same as today – raised cap to $1,500

3.)    Enhanced coverage – includes orthodontia

Jeff will send the group the new premium rates.  The percentage of employees that have dental insurance is about 45%.  We want to encourage all employees to have preventative care.

Retirement Plan Update – We are nearing the deadline for the new Retirement Plan transition – September 26th.  Principal is an on-line enrollment and TIAA-CREF participants must fill out a new Salary Reduction Agreement.  There is a lot of information on the Principal website.  For 2009, targeted retirement education sessions are being planned. 

Fitness Center Update – Access to the Fitness Center for all employees goes towards the Wellness initiative.  A proposal will be presented to the Cabinet for free access.  38% of UNO faculty/staff participate at their fitness center.  We would at least like to meet half-way.   The whole intention is to get employees to utilize the membership.  Jeff assured the Council that he will continue to raise the issue until it has been resolved.  The facilities would include the Kiewit Fitness Center, the Harper Center and the new Ryan Center currently under construction.  It would not include the Cardiac Center.

Dawn Obermiller – Dawn has worked in corporate wellness for the past 16 years.  She is employed by Healthbreak, Inc. and  is contracted by the University.  Creighton has had a Wellness Program for the past 80 years on a volunteer basis.  About four years ago, the University decided to contract the Wellness Program.  Dawn works in conjunction with the Wellness Council, Human Resources and the Benefits Committee. 

Dawn wants to bring more opportunities to employees to utilize programs to bring about wellness such as:  SimplyWell health risk questionnaire, incentive programs for weight loss, wellness initiatives to create a healthy work environment.  One of her challenges was to inventory the programs currently being offered at Creighton and then think about opportunities for collaboration.  Data about health care and pharmacy costs help to determine what types of programs need to be implemented.

There is a new campaign that was implemented called “Active You”.  It will target physical inactivity, nutrition, and weight management.  We want to encourage employees to be more active.  September is cholesterol control month.  There are posters, the Wellness website and Jay-Net news communications to make everyone aware of resources that are available.   The goal is to have more employees participating and taking advantage of all resources available.

We would like to have at least 50% of all employees fill out the Health Risk Questionnaire. SimplyWell is the on-line tool for employees to do that and to help the Wellness Program gather data to find out what types of programs need to be offered.  The goal is to offer employees incentives throughout the course of the year by awarding points that can be redeemed for gifts.

Dawn would like to get on the New Employee Orientation agenda to inform new employees about the programs that are offered through the Wellness Program.

Tom Purcell -  Tom came to the meeting today to present the Strategic Plan for the University.  Comments are being encouraged through October 6th.  After that date, Tom will gather all the information and the next step will be the implementation of the Plan.

Task forces will be set up by Fall Break for more focused actions and to create realistic goals.  There is no set list as to how the members of the task forces will be selected.  At this time, he is not sure of how many task forces there will be, but he thinks maybe 10-15.  The process will begin this semester and the goal is to have everything completed by the end of the semester and to try and have something to coincide with the new budget cycle.

The goals are:

Balanced Measurement
Commitment to the mission
Satisfying shareholders
Faculty/Staff Development
Prudent stewards
Learning organization

Plan Revision – There will be an annual re-visit to the plan to measure progress against expectations, revise the plan targets as appropriate, and every three to four years (earlier if warranted), conduct major assessments and plan revisions.

There will be two public forums on September 18th and September 24th.  One will be held at the Harper Center and the other one will be at the Skutt Student Center.  Tom encouraged the Staff Advisory Council to communicate to staff to view the website and send in comments.

The Strategic Plan website address is: cobacourses.creighton.edu/planning retreat

He stressed that there are people listening to what we have to say.       

Old Business – Theresa brought us up to date on the position that was vacated by a member of the Facilities staff.  No replacement has been appointed to date.

By-laws have no plan in place on how to go about appointing replacements for vacant positions, therefore we will be setting a precedent for this.  We may need to reconvene the nominating committee to open up an election.

Staff Relations – Free athletic tickets will be offered.  The first event will be tickets for the men’s soccer game on October 1st.  Lisa Chipps has offered to staff the SAC table at this event.  Toni will contact other members of committee for volunteers at other events.  The next Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for December 11th.  The Committee will meet to iron out the specifics for this.

Standing Rules – Met and will build in some exceptions to the by-laws.  They will make proposed changes in the document and forward to the group for approval at the next meeting.

Communicating with Constituents – The use of the cu_staff list is one option to communicate changes to our constituents.

Speakers – Will keep it to one to two speakers per meeting.  Next month we will have Bill Hill to bring us updates from the  Benefits Committee and possibly Tanya Winegard from Student Services.

SAC Spring Retreat – March 12, 2009 – Discussion was tabled due to lack of time

SAC Website – suggestions to Jami – Discussion was tabled due to lack of time

Specific Child Development Center donation - $350 – Discussion was tabled due to lack of time

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 9, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. in Room 104 of the Skutt Student Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Toni Parsley