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Academic Affairs Representatives

This division encompasses many different areas,approximately 186 staff are employed in this division including: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, Graduate School, School of Law & University College

Chris Karasek

Sandra Leighton



Administration & Finance

This division encompasses many different areas of Creighton and approximately 281 staff are employed in this division whcih includes: Purchasing, Printing Mail, Services Card Services, Facilities, Human Resources, Public Safety.

Edward Grudle

Justin Burgett

Justin Carter



Student Services

This division has many areas and employs an average of 105 staff which includes: Athletics, Campus recreation, Career Center, Center for Student Integrity, Counseling Services, Dept. of Residence Life, Health Services, Lieben Center for Women, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Office of Student Success, Skutt Student Center, Student Activities, University Dining Services.

Nicholas Orsi

Terri Faga



Information Technology

The division of Information Technology (DoIT) is a large multi-faceted department and includes classroom support, customer service pertaining to computer-related issues for faculty, staff and students, as well as the subdivision entitled Academic eLearning Technologies (AeT), in addition to software-related training. DoIT employs approximately 80 staff members across campus.



Health Sciences

This division is the largest and there are approximately 919 staff employed in this division which includes these areas: School of Medicine, Missouri Valley Consortium, Cardiac Center, Clinics, School of Dentistry, Pharmacy & Health Professions, College of Nursing.

Kristie Denne

Colby Bradfield

Caroline Nubel

DeDe Hedlund

Joann Crinklaw



Health Sciences Office and Library, Health Sciences Multicultural & Community Affairs, Center for Health Policy & Ethics, Clinical Pastoral Care, Radiation Safety, Grants Administration. There are approximately 59 staff are employed in this division.

David Barnum
Vice Chair



General Counsel, President, University Ministry, and University Relations

There are approximately 76 staff are employed in this division.


Liz Clark

Colette O'Meara-McKinney
President's Office

Lynne Caruso
Human Resources