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Provost Area:

This division encompasses many different areas, approximately 186 staff are employed in this division including: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, Graduate School, School of Law & University College


Health Sciences Office and Library, Health Sciences Multicultural & Community Affairs, Center for Health Policy & Ethics, Clinical Pastoral Care, Radiation Safety, Grants Administration. There are approximately 59 staff are employed in this division.


The Provost area also includes the Health Sciences. This division is the largest and there are approximately 919 staff employed in this division which includes these areas: School of Medicine, Missouri Valley Consortium, Cardiac Center, Clinics, School of Dentistry, Pharmacy & Health Professions, College of Nursing.



Chris Karasek


Doctoral Leadership Program


RAL #204




Nancy Smith


Heider College of Business iJay


Harper Center, Suite 2066



Angela Batson




Creighton Hall Rm437



Sarah Oliver


Graduate School / Deans Office





Sue Magnuson


College of Nursing


Criss II, Room 194e




Caroline Nubel


Clinical Research


The Cardiac Center




Joann Crinklaw



Criss III Rm 154



DeDe Hedlund




Criss III Rm 155



Sarah Taylor, MA


Research and Compliance


Criss I Rm 111



Dave Barnum


Family Medicine


CUMC 6720



Vice President for Administration & Finance Area:

This division encompasses many different areas of Creighton and approximately 281 staff are employed in this division which includes: Purchasing, Printing Mail, Services Card Services, Facilities, Human Resources, Public Safety.

Justin Burgett


Environmental Health & Safety


Jelinek Building



Ed Grudle


Mechanical Engineering


Jelinek Building



President, Vice President for University Ministry, Vice President for University Relations, General Counsel Areas:

Charise Alexander Adams
Office of Marketing and Communications

Wareham Building 3rd Floor

Vice President for Student Life Area:

Terri Faga

Counseling Center

Harper Center Suite 1034

Nick Orsi

Centralized Reservations

Harper Center Suite 1108

Vice President for Information Technology Area :

Jordan Bellanti
DoIT Service Desk


Presidentís Representative:

Colette OíMeara - Mckinney
Office of the President

Creighton Hall 232

Human Resources Representative:

Lynne Caruso

Human Resources

Schneider Building 23& Burt St.