SAC Newsletters and Events

SAC Newsletters and Events

View the SAC Newsletter for monthly updates to include: News from the President, Anonymous Feedback, Program Spotlight and more. 

Rookie of the Year

2017's Rookie of the Year is Saulang Gawmaw. Congratulations, Saulang!

 2017 Rookie of the Year Winner

Nominees for Rookie of the Year included:

  • Janet Bruning
  • Saulang Gawmaw
  • Caitlin Newman
  • Jill Muegge
  • Tami Cleaves
  • Anthony Robinson
  • Abby Merrill
  • Dave Culhane
  • Nicole Methven
  • Verleen Unruh
  • Roz Parr

HR News

The Staff Advisory Council will spotlight a different department each month.  If there is a department you would like to know more about please submit it to our SAC feedback forum.  This month we are spotlighting Human Resources.  Click on the HR Spotlight.

The Human Resources monthly newsletter provides important information  Read the HR Extra NOW.

Creighton University Organizational Health Report

Creighton Wellness Program
The Creighton University Wellness Council promotes and coordinates health and wellness activities that encourage disease prevention and healthy lifestyles for the entire Creighton community.

2015 Organizational Health Report

2014 SimplyWell Program Result
State of Wellness: The Goods, the Bads & What's Next for Creighton.


Register for CU Alert

Everyone should register for CU Alert to get emergency information from the University. If you have not done so, please log into CU Alert to register for this important resource. Safety preparedness is everyone's job. Sign up, or update your information now.

Safety Suggestions

Have an idea to improve safety on campus? Take a minute and fill out the "Safety Suggestions" form. You can be anonymous.  It is the policy of Creighton University to provide a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus.