Windows 7 @ CU

This site contains information about the campus migration from Windows XP and Office 2007 to Windows 7 and Office 2010 which is currently underway*. Faculty/staff computers are currently being migrated to the new versions of Windows and Office. Our goal is to have all campus PCs upgraded by the end of the year 2013.


*The migration of campus lab computers to Windows 7 is a separate project.


General Information


Windows 7 Enterprise is the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system that the University will standardize on, replacing Windows XP. Additionally, the Office 2010 suite will replace Office 2007. As clients are migrated to Windows 7, we will be promoting a "security-enchanced desktop" where access permissions will be set to Standard user.


New Features


Windows 7 is quite a bit different than its predecessors. To learn about some of the interface changes and new features, visit these Microsoft sites: 

What is Windows 7? 

Getting Started with Windows 7

Using Windows 7

Getting Started with Office 2010

You can also access the Windows 7/Office 2010 tutorials available via BlueTrain.  Visit and log in with your NetID and password to begin searching for tutorials.

Windows 7 video tutorials via BlueTrain feature expert advice on how to accomplish various Windows tasks and displays the screens you'll see as you proceed. Whether you're new to computers or just to Windows 7, the videos provide a simple, easy-to-use video illustration to help you accomplish basic tasks in the newest version of Windows.

Deployment Schedule

Deployment of Windows 7 to campus will take place in stages, with departments/offices of specific building being upgraded each week. DoIT will be contacting departments two weeks in advance to determine the migration schedule.  


User Preparation

During the migration, everything stored in the My Documents folder will be transferred to Windows 7.
The current versions of most applications will run on Windows 7. If you are running an older application and are concerned about compatibility, you can check Microsoft's Windows 7 Compatibility Center.  You can also download Microsoft's Upgrade Advisor tool to scan your computer to see if it's Windows 7 compatible.
For a checklist of what you need to do, please refer to the Windows 7 Preparation link on the left.

Windows 7 Feedback

Your feedback is essential to the success of the deployment process. Please send any comments or questions concerning the Windows 7 upgrade to