Migration Schedule


Department Leaders and Decision Makers,


Windows 7 is here at last….. is your area ready for it?


DoIT has finished rolling out Windows 7 throughout the eastern part of campus (over 1500 computers). We are now set to continue onto Central and West campus, but we need volunteers from areas that are ready to make the move.


Things to be aware of about Windows 7 at CU:


·         Only Lenovo hardware with 2 gig of RAM or higher qualifies for upgrade/migration.


·         Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft after April 2014.


·         If you have non-Lenovo Windows computers (Gateways, HPs, Dells) you should begin budgeting ASAP to replace those systems before 2014.



Visit our web page at: www.creighton.edu/servicedesk/windows7cu/index.php to learn more.



If you are interested in discussing Windows 7 in your department please contact the Service Desk at 402-280-1111 or email servicedesk@creighton.edu to schedule a meeting to explore in greater detail.


We look forward to talking to you about Windows 7 in your workspace.



The DoIT Customer Support Team.